How to contact Rufus & Cleo's

Special Events Station:

W1C "Whiskey One Cadillac"

Cadillac Mountain

Mount Desert Island, Maine (NA-055)

To celebrate the arrival of The next Millennium and a New Year's Day sunrise on one of the easternmost US islands (68 degrees West Longitude), chief operator Jim Wilmerding, W2EMT & Bob Noonan, WB1GDZ will conduct daily QSO's on the frequencies and times suggested below in addition to other times.

+ School groups and individuals may pre-schedule contacts via e-mail in advance to [email protected]

+ Stations may also just "drop-in" on the frequency w/o advance scheduling.

+ Pre-scheduled QSO's will be given preference in order & duration of contact.

+ When all scheduled contacts for a session have been completed - random QSO's will be attempted depending upon time and conditions permitting.

+ Classrooms & educators are encouraged to make multiple contacts but "first-timers" will be given preference each day.

Listen for Station "W1C" on the following bands - conditions permitting

28.350+- -----------------------------------------------------------1900utc

24.950+- ------------------------------------------------------------1800utc

21.350+ - ----------------------------------------------------------2200utc

18.150 + - ---------------------------------------------------------2100utc

14.260+- ---------------- Islands-On -The Air ------------2000utc

SCHEDULE UPDATES: Click here daily for operation updates & schedule changes


TRANSCEIVERS: Kenwood TS-940S-AT HF 100 watt Transceiver - Ameritron ALS 500M RF Amplifier - Icom TM-G707A VHF/UHF 50 watt Transceiver

ANTENNAS: Mosley TA-33 10-15-20 3-element Tri-bander @ 50' - Cushcraft A3WS 12 & 17 meter 3-element dualbander @ 45' - DX 17 meter Half Square wire antenna & G5RV multiband HF antenna

8x10 inch Color QSL & SWL Certificates - SASE - P. O. Box 534, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662


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E-Mail: [email protected]

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Jim Wilmerding M.Ed.,EMT-P

Andrew Wilmerding, BS