Field Day 2019  ~  Operating 1A

In Partnership with the
Pentucket Radio Association
at Mill Pond Recreation Area in West Newbury

HF Rig: IC756 Pro 2;  VHF Rig: IC756
HF Antennas: G5RV, G5RV Jr,
VHF Antenna: 6M Moxon


KD1NA - Dave    NF1A-Art    W1DYJ-Larry    WZ1L - Bill    KB1NO-John 

K1KP-Tony    AC1EX - Steve    WA1CBH - Mike    N1OZQ - Gil

Bonus Evidence Additional Information EMA Summary

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Welcome to the W1HP/K1KKM Field Day
Bonus -- InfoBooth.jpg (207853 bytes)

Info Center in front of operating position

Lodge.jpg (296398 bytes)

QTH for the weekend

Bonus - Generator.jpg (277352 bytes)

The Generator

The Antennas
G5RVjr.jpg (227807 bytes)

G5RV Jr,

Moxon.jpg (253237 bytes)

6M Moxon

G5RVjr Closeup.jpg (103406 bytes)

G5RV Jr "close up"

   G5RV.jpg (394424 bytes)

G5RV -- SW end

G5RV closeup.jpg (223958 bytes)

G5RV "close up"

Natural Power
John.jpg (238177 bytes)

KB1NO, John, setting up the Solar System

Solar.jpg (229331 bytes)

 The Solar System

Bonus - KD1NA.jpg (238179 bytes)

Making Q's: KD1NA, Dave

Fixing our G5RV 40M Resonance: A Smith Chart explanation
NF1A, Art

Art.jpg (128827 bytes)

NF1A, Art, discussing
Smith Charts

Bonus - NF1A.jpg (175206 bytes)

AC1EX, Steve, KD1NA, Dave, and John, KB1NO listening to Art, 

Whiteboard.jpg (234921 bytes)

The White(brown)board

VHF.jpg (179995 bytes)

VHF operating position:

View.jpg (245067 bytes)

View from the outside operating position

HF.jpg (197010 bytes)

HF operating position:

Dave on HF.jpg (293456 bytes)

KD1NA, Dave, running HF Qs, with NF1A, Art, in the background

Relaxing.jpg (243466 bytes)

KD1NA, Dave, AC1EX, Steve, and KD1NO, John relaxing while WZ1L, Bill, operates HF in the background

Inside.jpg (202792 bytes)

Operating inside at night. NF1A, Art, at HF and
KB1NO, John at VHF with KD1NA, Dave, AC1EX, Steve, and WZ1L, Bill watching.

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Updated: 27 June 2019