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QRP Contests

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Following are pictures of various QRP contests that I've operated. Click on any of the thumbnails to see a full sized image.

fybo00_1t.jpg My operating position for the FYBO 2000 QRP contest.  This was from the cabin of the sailboat "Dawn Treader" in a slip on Lake Texoma, Texas.  I used a Saint Louis Vertical on the fantail, and an end fed wire strung up to the masthead for antennas, and my Wilderness Sierra transceiver.  Temperature at the contest start was 39 degrees.  This sailboat has been sold, so I'm not sure where I'll operate for FYBO 2001.
bb00_1t.jpg My operating position for the Flight of the Bumblebees QRP contest in 2000 on the shores of Lake Lewisville, TX.  Equipment was a Saint Louis Vertical, a Wilderness Sierra transceiver, an MFJ tuner, a CMOS Super Keyer III, and a set of Brown Brothers paddles.  The temperature was over 100F all afternoon.
bb00_2t.jpg My Saint Louis Vertical and a view of the lake from my operating position for Flight of the Bumblebees in 2000.  This spot is normally quite close to the shore line, but with the ongoing drought in Texas, the lake level was about 15 feet low at this time.

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