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I ride almost any day the weather is not rainy or icy. I ride with the Keller Glory Riders chapter of Christian Motorcyclists Association in Keller, Texas.

* My Valkyrie Mods *

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In April 2005, I bought my 1998 Honda Valkyrie.

1998 Honda Valkyrie
These three pictures are of me getting ready to leave for the CMA State Rally at Latham Springs, TX in May 2005.

From October 2003 until April 2005 I rode a 2000 Suzuki Intruder VS-800.

The following two pictures are of our bikes on a ride my friend John Scheef and I made through North Texas in October 2003.
The following picture was taken in downtown Fort Worth, Texas at the Big Texas Toy Run in December 2003.
Here are two more pictures of my Suzuki Intruder just before I sold it in April 2005.
Suzuki Intruder Left Side.jpg
Suzuki Intruder Tank.jpg

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