Chief's Initiation 2002

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Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club

I was honored in July 2002 to be contacted by AM1 (AW) Wes Osburn, a former shipmate, to let me know that he'd been selected for Chief and to invite me to his initiation in September. Wes was an excellent Petty Officer when he worked for me when I was the Command Chief of the Kitty Hawk from 1991 to 1995. I was honored to be able to attend Wes' Chief's Initiation and pinning ceremony. During the day of the initiation, Wes and I discovered that another former Kitty Hawk shipmate, Bill Oglesby had also been selected for Chief. Unfortunately, I ran out of film before I could get a picture of Chief Oglesby. Also selected for Chief from the old Kitty Hawk crew was Jeff Evanchak, but he has been deployed on recall to active duty and Wes and I were unable to contact him.
AMC (AW) Wes Osburn and I after his pinning ceremony on 14 September 2002.

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