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Camp Red Cloud Korea
Home of I Corps from 1953 to 1985

The Life You Save May Be Your Replacement

I love Military Humor :)

This is the area that became Jackson Circle

A Company 304th Signal

I need some better ones. Please email them

Below Pictures from Jerry McBreairty/Camp Red Cloud 1959/1960 MP

Camp La Guardia

Uijongbu in the distance
Cp Essayons and Cp Kyle to the right

51st Signal Bn

Photo from John Wilburn, A co 51st Signal 1958-1959
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Below provided by Steven McGee 2/71 ADA

Hill 468 above CRC

Below Pictures Sent by William Morgan, 604th DASS

Pictures from Ken Tennnancore (TC), A Co 304th Signal

Tuttle and TC

Chung and TC

Below Pictures from Steve Dreher, 38th Ord Company, 1965-66

Pictures of Camp Red Cloud

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Pictures of Uijongbu 1953-1985

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Feb 16 2009

With all the hundreds of thousands that have served in Korea since the 50s, I thought it would be nice to have a place to leave messages and comments for others that served in the same area or unit. You can post up messages, stories, pictures, or what ever you wish, to pass on to others. The below forum is set up for your use.

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I was in the 21 DSG, 4th Maint Bn in 1969-70. These were both on Camp Red Cloud. In 1981, I was also in A Company 304th Signal Bn at CRC.

(If you have any to add to this, please email to me)

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