Chinese Tunnel

The Chinese Tunnel now. The new 4 lane hwy 37 is on the other
side of the river in this area The old 37 is used local only,

This is where the old Chinese Tunnel is located

Close Up

This is the Double Bridge. If you cross it, and turn right,
it will take you on the old road to the Chinese Tunnel.

The old road headed to the Tunnel from the bridge

The approch closser to the tunnel

The old road headed to the Tunnel with some repairs on it.

A sign near the Tunnel entrance.

Looking in the Tunnel from the West end.

Looking into the Tunnel from the East End

Inside the Tunnel, looking at the West entrance. You
can see the white building that shows up in the sat view
The Building is the Taehyeon Park Hotel

Tunnel approch from east end in 1954

The river below the Tunnel in the Summer

The road leading from the Tunnel on the west side

A story about the Tunnel in the Stars and Strips

The below pictures were taken early 2009

This shows parts of the Replacement Company, 40th Inf Div set up on the south side of the Hantan River, across from the Chinese Tunnel in 1954 just prior to being deactivated. Pictures from George Ewing

A funny story about the Chinese Tunnel from 1960.

I was a cocky 18 year old PFC Truck Driver. I drove from Camp Casey to Camp Kaiser a couple times a week. The protocol for going through the Tunnel, was to slow down with your window open so you could hear anyone coming from the other direction, blow your horn 3 times to alert anyone coming from the other way that you were entering the tunnel. Well, I did this every time, and it worked great, till one day. I did everything as always, and was just about coming out of the tunnel, when a ROK Army truck pulled up. A ROK Lt climbed out, pointing for me to back out, so he could go through. I climbed out of my truck and began some GI sign language and explained to him, that I did what was proper, and was exiting the tunnel. He pointed to his little 2 diamonds, indicating a 1st Lt, and that I should back out. I told him that if he did not move, I would climb into my truck, and Push him all the way to Pyongyang. He started calling me all kinds of Sickias, turned around and went back to the truck he was riding in, and was screaming at his Driver. They backed up to the side of the road, and I climbed in, and proceeded out of the tunnel. As I drove past them, I waved, and went on my way.

For you guys that never went through it, or seen it in the early days, It was only one way through the tunnel, and you had to be very careful on the road on the north east side of it.

A Map of the DMZ from 1953

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