77th Transportation Company
La Rochelle France
Jeumont Kaserne

Pictures Provided by Cpt Beyer,
77th Company Commander 1962-64

1st Sgt Mayhew

Cpt Beyer

Taken in 1963, after the 77th was switched from Light Truck to Medium Truck.

Families and Troops enjoying Christmas Meal together

CO's Jeep in the Motor Pool

77th Trans Orderly Room
Jeumont Dependent School in back ground.

This is rough, but if you look close, you
may be able to make out a few names.

Aytre Housing Area

Marilynn Beyer by the La Rochelle harbor.

La Rochelle 1963 carnival celebration conducted outside Aufredi Caserne

More Pictures of the 77th Trans Company

Pictures from La Rochelle France

Pictures of the Kasernes in La Rochelle

Pictures from Kassel and Rothwesten

106th Transportation Bn

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