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Hello! My name is Cory, callsign W4NCH. First of all, welcome to my website! Thanks to everyone who contributes to QSL.Net to allow us to put together websites for ourselves, free of charge. As of writing this, I am still fairly new to the hobby of amateur radio. I started in early 2022, and quickly upgraded my general liscense. I have lots of interests in amateur radio, and I have showcased some of those on this website. By clicking the "SSTV Photos" link in the header, you can see a live feed of the photos that I recieve whenever I am monitoring the 14.230 Mhz SSTV calling frequency. If you click the Hampstead Hams link, you will find the website for the club that I am delighted to be a part of. I also manage the website and the social media channels for the club. Next, is my QRZ Page, which has much of the same things you will find on here, but also lists my recent contacts. Finally, I have a "Helpful Resounces" page where I will list all kinds of links to things like software that I use on a regular basis, as well as other online resources. As for where I am located, I am located a little bit inland coast of North Carolina, in Pender County.

My Latest Received SSTV Image

To see my last 6 received images, check out the SSTV Photos page.

Helpful Graphics

This is a Maximum Usable Frequency chart. The color of the area correlates with the scale on the bottom which shows the frequencies the colors match with.
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ARRL Amateur Radio Bands Chart
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