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to the scientists of india...
"I would like you to be such men who stand up before the world, firm in your convictions. Let your zeal for the bump millions be not stifled in the search for wealth. I tell you, you can devise a far greater wireless instrument which does not require external research but internal - and all the research will be useless if it is not allied to internal research - which can link your hearts with those of the millions. Unless all the discoveries that you make have the welfare of the poor as the end in view, all your workshops will really be not better than satan's workshops."
-- MK Gandhi (13th July, 1927)
on history...
"History celebrates the battlefields whereon we meet our death, but scorns to speak of the plowed fields whereby we thrive. It knows the names of the king's bastards but cannot tell us the origin of wheat. This is the way of human folly."
--Jean-Henri Fabre
on development...
"What have we to do if we are to save India in this scientifc age? First, we have to resolve to decide all social problems by non-violent means. Secondly, science should be utilized for producing instruments that would serve man and not armaments that would kill. Thirdly, the prevailing situation alone should decide whether science should be ordered to produce big machines or small ones. If we keep these axioms in mind we can derive immense benefits from science. Let the growth of science be steady and unimpeded. This is my desire."
-- Vinoba Bhave

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