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Some facts related to ham radio

First ham in India
-Amarendra Chandra Gooptu (received his licence in 1921, Call-sign VU2JK)

India's first public broadcasting station belonged to

-a ham Dr. Metcalfe (Call-sign VU2KH). He was the Vice-Chancellor of Mysore University. He and his group of hams established an entertainment public broadcasting station VU6AH in 1935.

Amateur Radio licences were withdrawn in India in-

-1939 when the World war II started and ham equipments were sealed by the authorities.

First ham radio club of India is
- Amateur Radio Club of India (ARCI). Major B.M. Chakravarthy, VU2BU founded this club on May 15, 1948 in the School of Signals, Mhow.

Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI) was born
-On May 15, 1954, at New Delhi.

Federation of Amateur Radio Society of India (FARSI) was founded in


First Ham Radio Station established by the Governement of India's Department of Science and Technology with an aim to popularize ham radio is
-VU2NCT. It  became operational in 1991.

Do you know that
by the begining of 1948, there were hardly 50 odd licensed hams in India?

Do you know that
total ham population in
India at present is 15,000 (approx.).

The first Indian ham radio operator who had been to Antarctica is
Dr. Ashutosh Singh, VU2IF of Amateur Radio Association, New Delhi. His station became operational from the expedition ship "Finnpolaris" on 4th December, 1983.

The first ham radio operator to participate in an expedition(to the Arctic in 1923)
was an American, Don Mix.

Country with the highest ham radio operators is

-Japan (more than 1.5 million).

World's first broadcasting station
became operational from as early as 6th November, 1919, which belonged to a Dutch ham- Hanzo Idzarda.

World's first ham radio organisation (American Radio Relay League)

was established by Hiram Percy Maxim in May, 1914. He and Clarence Tuska, a college student started publishing an amateur radio magazine named "QST" in 1915.

The highest Internation Body in Amateur Radio is-
International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). IARU was formed in Paris in 1925

The first artificial communication satellite meant for ham radio operators is

Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio-I (OSCAR-I). It was launched by the hams from USA on December 12, 1961.

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