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World's first Broadcasting Station!

World's first broadcasting station became operational from as early as 6th November 1919
, which belonged to a dutch ham radio operator-Hanzo Idzarda. Hanzo started public broadcasting with a callsign "PCGG" from Hague with his homebrewed transmitter and his programmes became popular around the globe as "Hague Concerts". In the USA, the credit went to a ham Dr. Frank Conrad from Pittsbourg, who started public broadcasting with his callsign "8XK" from the beginning of 1920. On November 2, 1920, amateur radio operator Dr. Frank went on the air with his station callsign 8XK/KDKA to announce the returns of the HardingCox Presidential Election in the USA. M/S. Westing House Company took over his station with a new callsign "MT". Captain Eckersley, who later became Chief Engineer of BBC devised entertainment programmes for the "MT" station and another station with the callsign "2MT" was put into work from London. Finally BBC took the "2MT" station on 14th November, 1922 and started regular broadcast.