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A person starts to live when he can live outside himself

- Albert Einstein


Some of my new pages not yet linked from 'home' but
accessible from here!


VU2MUE installing a Dipole Antenna (August 2006): 7 Minutes (File size 7 MB)
In this video you can see how fast VU2MUE
can install his Inverted 'V' Dipole Antenna..
Being fast is important! This is
something what he does every time
when he conducts a demo

Excellently cinematised by my XYL Nandita!

Doordarshan Uttaranchal News on Ham Training  (118 kb)
This is an audio clip of the DD-1
which covered the Dehradun Ham Radio
Training Programme June 7-29,
(in Hindi)
Download or to listen online click 'play'!!

Click to 'Play' online!

Uttaranchal Demo Video-1 (3GP 1.7 MB)
In this video Mr. Nirmal Rawat
(Teacher at Rajiv Gandhi Navodaya
Vidyalaya, Dehradun)
talking to VU2PCD
(Vadodara, Gujarat &
VU2DSI, Ahmednagar, Maharshtra using
VU2MUE's ICOM IC 718 rig
(3GP video courtesy: Shri Rajesh C. Pant)

Uttaranchal Demo Video-2 (3GP 476 KB)
In this video, you can listen to
Sangeeth, A45WH (Muscat, Oman)
telling VU station VU2MUE to QRX

DD1 Video News clip Uttaranchal -I(152 KB)
In this video you can see me with
my radio at Dehradun while
giving demonstration to
Doordarshan Reporter
Shri Shiv Painuli

DD1 Video News clip Uttaranchal -II(578 KB)
In this video clip you can see the
Doordarshan coverage of our
Ham Radio Programme

Ham Exam Dehradun-1 (WMV 3 MB)
In this video you can see
VU2MUE inside the examination hall
at Dehradun during the ham
licencing examination

Ham Exam Dehradun-2 (WMV 1.8 MB)
In this video you can see Mr. R.S. Srivastava
(Morse Code Examiner,
Northern Regional Monitoring HQ)
distributing the Question papers
to the ham radio licence aspirants
at Dehradun during the exam..

Himachal Pradesh Car Rally Video (WMV 5.6 MB)
This is a WMV video by VU2MUE
using Nikon Coolpix 2200.
So video without audio!!
But you will hear Audio mixed
later using Virtualdub!

My Bilaspur Lecture (5 MB)
In this video you can see me
delivering a lecture where I try
to justify the 'uselessness'
of a mobile telephone!

Listen to VU2ZZA 
on his ham radio preference
MP3 115 KB)
This is an audio where Amit
(VU2ZZA, Chandigrah)
tells his ham radio passion to the
demo spectators
at Bilashpur (HP)
during a a ham radio demo given by

Listen to Ham Radio
Conversation during a car rally
(256 KB)

This conversation gives an idea how
and why ham radio is used during
a car rally

Listen to some impatient
spectator who wants VU2MUE
to make his demo station
ready in no time!
(43 KB)

This audio tells how fast VU2MUE
should be when he organises a
demo (in Hindi)!

VU2ZZA to VU2MUE during a Demo (140 KB)
This is VU2ZZA (Chandigarh) voice again
talking to VU2MUE at Bilashpur ham demo

NCERT CBSE Textbook on disaster management (3.14 MB)
This is the entire CBSE Textbook
(69 pages PDF document TOGETHER
STRIDE AHEAD) for Class X under the newly
introduced syllabus on Disaster
Management where you can find
a chapter on Alternative
Communication System.
My photograph is featured in the chapter.
CBSE Circular introducing
Ham Radio as an activity in schools
(103 KB)

If you do not want to download the
entire CBSE book, you can also download
only the page where my photograph
is featured. To download this
single page (67 KB) click here

CQ America Article-I (421 KB)
This is a page from an article written
by CQ (USA) Public Service Editor
Bob Josuweit (WA3PZO) where my photograph
is featured along with a news item covering the mock drill
communication exercise in Delhi demonstrated to the
Ministry of Home Affairs.The article (A Better Prepared
Amateur Radio Response) was published
in CQ October 2004 issue. If you want to read
the other two pages also:
| Page 1 (373 KB) | | Page 3 (380 KB)|

CQ America Article-II (2.13 MB)
This is another article written
by CQ (USA) Public Service
Editor Bob Josuweit (WA3PZO)
published in the March 2005 issue
of CQ America, where I was quoted
under the heading "Technology Combined".
If you just want read only that
portion where I was quoted then click here.
If you want to read only the quoted
portion click here (195 KB)

Tsunami Operation News published (205 KB)
in 'The Tribune', which appreciates
my Tsunami operation
Also at: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2004/20041229/delhi.htm

WIA (Wireless Institute of Australia)
talked to me during the Tsunami Disaster
Communication operation here
is the Portion (211 KB) of the
Entire news (5 MB)
where my voice was featured
in Australia's WIA National
Now this file has an excellent
audio with my boyish, primitive &
rural English (1.9 MB)

Malayala Manorama (Kerala) News (87 KB)
This is a news published in
Malayala Manorama (Kerala) about
how hams in India helped Cap'n
Fatty Goodlander & his wife Carolyn
after I posted an emergency request
during one of their circumnavigation
voyages. You can also see
which I prepared for Cap'n Fatty!

VU2DSI (Ahmednagar, Maharashtra)
talking to me
during (30 KB)
the Ham Radio Training programme at Dehradun

Times of India Mumbai News
where  I am 'misquoted'

I shall keep on adding more.....





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