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Big Australian WWII Radio Transmitters

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The following pictures were scanned from a photocopies of pages from the May 2nd. 1946 edition of an Australian Publication called 'Radio & Electrical Retailer'. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but it's the best I could do.

Variously known as 4-SU-6A, AT-20 or AMT-120 depending on whether used by the RAN, USN, RAAF or US Army. A 500 Watt CW Tx with five pre-set frequencies in the 2 to 20 MHz frequency range. Made by S.T.C. (Standard Telephone & Cable)

AMT-250 Tx used by US Forces and similar unit, Wireless Set No. 105B, used by Australian Army. 1000 Watts CW in the frequency range 2.5 to 20 MHz. Made by A.W.A. (Amalgamated Wireless Australasia)

AT-13C Tx used by RAAF and RAN. 500 Watts CW over the frequency ranges 150 to 600 KHz and 2 to 20 MHz. Other variants were AT-13, AT-13A and AT-13B. Made by A.W.A.

AT-14 Tx used by RAAF. 100 to 200 Watts of AM / CW over frequency range of 3 to 20 MHz. Made by Tasma (Thom & Smith)

AT-14A Tx. Later variant of the previous Tx made by same company.

AT-15A Tx used by the RAAF. Medium Frequency Tx 350/500 Watts operating in the range 130 to 500 kHz. Made by Tasma.

AT-17 Tx used by RAAF. 50 to 100 Watts AM / FM in the frequency range 100 to 150 MHz. Made by Tasma

AT-19 Tx used by RAAF. 500/1000 Watts MCW / CW in the 2.5 to 20 MHz. range. Made by Kriesler (A/sia)

J-5385 Tx used by RAN and Merchant Navy. 500 to 750 Watts MCW / CW in the Medium Frequency range 365 to 530 kHz. and the High Frequency range of 5 to 20 MHz. Made by A.W.A.

J-8871 Long Range High Frequency Tx produced for the US Forces to "reverse lend-lease". 10kW. Made by A.W.A.

Wireless Set No. 133 used by Australian Army. 300 Watt CW / MCW/ AM operating in the frequency range 2.5 to 20 MHz. Mase by A.W.A.

14-S Series Tx used by the RAAF. 400/1000 Watt AM / CW / MCW on up to 10 pre-selected frequencies in the ranges 140 to 560 kHz. and 2 to 20 MHz. Made by S.T.C.

4-SU-1A Multi-channel UHF Tx used by Postmaster General's Department (PMG) to provide an extension of telephone facilities between the Australian Mainland and Tasmania. Made by S.T.C.

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