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About Me 


Hi, my name is Steve (VK2TTG). I obtained my Amateur Radio (Limited) licence is 2001. I was born in1970, and since the age of 16, found myself interested in Ham Radio. I went to colledge, because an Electronic Engineer, and somehow lost the desire to obtain my amateur licence. 


Finally, in 2001, I decided to sit my Ham radio exams, and obtained my Limited licence. Then, limited licence holders had access to transmit only above 29 Mhz. I was active on 6M, 2M and the 70cm bands. To hold a full licence (all bands), I needed to pass a morse code send and receive exam. 


On the 1st of Jan 2004, the Australian Communications Authority (ACA), permitted the holders of a Amateur Radio Limited licence use of the HF bands. So now, finally, I am on the HF bands. I have to say, I am fully enjoying operating on HF. I have always wanted to operate on HF, and was in the process of learning morse code. Now I can transmit on the HF bands, I hope to still pass my morse send and receive exam. 



I now mainly operate on 80, 40 and 20M HF. However I still can be found on my local clubs 2M repeater 146.875Mhz (MWRS). 


Contact Details 

Stephen Morton  3v5idQ

1 Childs Circuit Belrose NSW 2085 Australia