QSL cards from sports events

Here is a collection of QSL cards and Special Event Certificates from Amateur Radio Stations and broadcasters.  These were issued to commemorate various sports events and competitions.



NG84O was the official Amateur Radio Station at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.  view card


Olympic Games

Birmingham, England was a finalist for host of the 1992 Olympic Summer Games. They were not awarded the Games but operated GB6OC to commemorate the bid. view card


QSL Card from Radio Canada International for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.   view card

QSL cards from Radio Korea for the 1988 Seoul Summer games. QSL card showing the main Olympic Stadium in Seoul. view card  Olympic Yachting QSL card.  view card  Olympic Archery QSL card.  view card

Radio Norway International issued this special card for the Winter Olympics in 1992. view card front  view card back

The 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona were commemorated with special operations and The B92 Award.

EH92G operated from the site of Olympic handball. view card   AM3CCN was one of many operators who used a special prefix. view card

Radio Australia provided live coverage of the 2000 Sydney Games and sent this QSL card for reports on their broadcasts. view front  view back

W19OG was worked during the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. view card  W7U was also worked view front  view back  K7O was  heard during the Games. view certificate

The Summer Olympic Games return to Greece in 2004.







W87PAX from the 1987 Pan Am Games in Indianapolis. view front  view back

Pan American Games

At the 1991 Games in Havana, Cuba, a group of ABC technicians operated from their hotel room.  view card



VX4PAG was a Special Event Station at the Winnipeg Games of 1999.  view card





Many Italian Stations operated during the 1990 World Cup. IK0AZG/I90  ITALIA 91 Award


W8TNO operated from Pontiac, Michigan for the 1994 World Cup match at the Pontiac Silver Dome. view certificate



Many French amateurs commemorated the 1998 World Cup with special operations.  TM9CMF   FBC5XL used a round QSL card. FBC5BZB was also heard during the event.  view front  view back

The 1992 World Cup was hosted by Korea and Japan. HL17FWC operated from Korea. 8J2C was worked from Japan. view front view back  8M1C/1 was also heard from Japan.  view card

ZP99A operated from Paraguay for the 1999 Copa America. view card

CS2004REP operated from June 10 to July 4, 2004 for Euro 2004 in Portugal. Many amateurs also used special prefixes for this event for the Euro 2004 Diploma. CQ14BWW CS94MD CQ24GMH view front view back






GB4CGW operated from the site of water sports for the 1986 Games in Scotland.  view card

Commonwealth Games



GB8CG operated for the 2002 Games in Manchester.  view front  view back





 W4B operated for the Sharpie 500 NASCAR Race at the Bristol Motor Speedway. view certificate

Auto Racing



N9EHQ operated for the 75th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 in 1991. view card



RH1F operated during the 2000 World Hockey Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia.  view front  view back



K9F operated from the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana. view front  view back


N4ZCV operated to commemorate Super Bowl XXVIII in Atlanta, Georgia. view card front  view card back


W8AL operates regularly from the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.  view certificate


Shortwave broadcaster WRNO in New Orleans issued this QSL card for reception of their New Orleans Saints games.  view card


KK9KK operated an "unofficial" special event commemorating  Mark McGwire's home run record in 1998. view card



W8ZX/8 commemorated the start of the baseball season in 2001 from Cy Young's hometown.  view card


In June 1985 N1BHF was heard  commemorating the opening of the new Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. view card



In 1999, WB1HOF operated from the Hall of Fame. view certificate


HI0JR operated from the 1986 Central American and Caribbean Games in the Dominican Republic. view front  view back

Other Events

3A7JO was heard operating from Monaco for the 1987 Games for the small countries in Europe.  view front  view back


N8AHZ  operated for the 50th anniversary of the AuSable River Canoe Marathon in Michigan.  view certificate

A contact with IK3UNA was confirmed with this card for the 1999 World Cycling Championships in Italy.  view front  view back

3Z0GC was a special event station for the World Gold Panning Championships in Poland in 2000. view front  view back

VE7K operated during the 2002 World Jr. Karatedo Championships in British Columbia.  view certificate

This QSL from VE6AO depicts a chuck wagon race at the Calgary Stampede. view front  view back

The annual Nanaimo Bathtub races are marked by station VE7TUB each year in British Columbia. view certificate

The 100th anniversary of the Tour de France was marked with this special US amateur radio call sign, W1T.  view card

  UE4LKW was operated for the 2004 Volga Cup sailing regatta view card front  view card back  


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