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Information on nets held on the IRLP.  To submit changes or info on new nets, email VE7RJT

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A number of people were asking for information regarding when nets are run on the various IRLP reflectors.  This information has been extracted from the IRLP Nets list on Yahoo Groups.  Please note that I am assuming all times to be UTC, as this is not specified in the email.  If your net is run on local time, please let me know and I'll make the necessary adjustments.  New listings are in boldface.
If you run a net which isn't listed here, by all means, please let me know.  And if you're considering setting up a net, please contact the reflector owner before announcing your intentions. 

VoIP Hurricane Net updates available at:
Live Feed 1 | Live Feed 2
Also available for listen only on Reflector 9206 and Echolink conferences N2LEN and ALASKA

Last Update: 16 September 2004 - 1442 UTC  

Net Day (UTC / PDT) Time (UTC / PDT) Reflector Contact
Orange County Trivia Net Nightly 0600 / 2300 9253 K6JSI (Node 3500)
IRLP Int'l YL Net 1st/3rd Tue. / Mon. 0200 / 1800 9000 VE7DSC
RailHam Net Monday / Sunday 0200 / 1800 9454 WD4OXQ
SSTV Net Monday  0900 / 1900 AEST 9501 ?
West Coast AR Assoc. Tuesday / Monday 0200 / 1900 9005 VE7BEU (Node 1030)
Saskatchewan Net Tuesday / Monday 0200 / 1900 9300 ?
Visually Challenged Net Tuesday 2300 / 1600 9608 WB0CPR
Michigan IRLP Linkup Wednesday / Tuesday 0100 / 1800 9606 N8HEE
Hams with Disabilities Net Wednesday / Tuesday 0200 / 1900 9205 KA9YPS
Southern San Joaquin Valley FM Radio Net Wednesday / Tuesday 0230 / 1930 9255 KF6KMY (Node 8120)
APC Broadcast News Wednesday 0900 / 2000 Melbourne 9509 ?
Blue Mountain ARC Net Wednesday  2000 Sydney 9505 VK2HZ (Node 6000)
Wednesday Evening Net Thursday / Wednesday 0100 / 1800 9215 VE3MXJ / VE4MGR
VK8 Net Thursday 2000 Darwin / 0330 9508 VK8ZMA (Node 6800)
Saskatchewan Net Thursday / Wednesday 0200 / 1900 9300 ?
IRLP Swap Net Friday / Thursday 0100 / 1800 9250 W7ROY
VK1 WIA News Friday 0930 / 1930 AEST 9505 ?
VK Virtual Pub Friday  2000 Sydney 9500 VK2YX
VE3WIK Net Saturday / Friday 0100 / 1700 9310 ?
Kids Net Saturday / Friday 0100 / 1700 9600 ?
Ham Radio Newcomers Saturday / Friday 0300 / 1900 9253 ?
Hawaiian Net Saturday / Friday 0500 / 2000 9254 KH6FV (Node 3720)
IRLP SKYWARN Net Sunday / Saturday 0000 / 1700 9210 KD4RAA / WE4B
IRLP Fun Net Sunday / Saturday 0100 / 1800 9305 ?
QSO Party Saturday 2000 / 1200 9700 M5XYZ (Node 5280)
VHF-DX Group Net Sunday 0100 / 1100 Sydney 9505 VK2KU (Node 6000)
Scandinavian Net Sunday 1500 / 0800 9800 SM6UQP (Node 9800)
New England Net Sunday 2300 / 1600 9877 W1RJC
Red Cross Net 1st/3rd Mon./Sun. 0000 / 1700 9257 ?


Arizona State Reflector Channel
Western reflector 9255 has been officially assigned by Kent W7AOR, as the "Arizona State" reflector channel. This channel will be utilized for coordination of Near Space helium balloon launches carrying amateur radio television and cross band FM repeaters, a planned amateur radio swap net, and for in-state emergency communications nets.

IRLP International YL Net  (
Reflector 9000 (Channel 0)
PST 6pm-7pm West Coast time (Tuesday 0200 hours Zulu)
PDT 6pm-7pm West Coast time (Tuesday 0100 hours Zulu)
All amateur radio operators are welcome. Ratio of men to women checking in is 60:40.

NET CO-ORDINATOR: Glenna VE7DSC [email protected]

CENTRAL NET CONTROLLERS: (alternate) Elizabeth VE7TLK, Glenna VE7DSC, and Jan VE7TST

Often,there are technical and other topics discussed which spark lively debates. Check the IRLP Information Pages at for more information about the net.

REGIONAL NET CONTROLLERS: Please designate someone to be Regional Net Controller if there is more than one person using a local node to connect
to the Vancouver Reflector. The Regional Net Controller just needs to make a list of all operators in his or her area wishing to participate in the net. The list needs to be made prior to net check in time.

BACK-UP REFLECTOR: If Vancouver Reflector 9000 is DOWN, use Fredericton Reflector 9310. Check the status of the reflectors at (G4EID's web site).

RailHam Net
The IRLP RailHam Net is an informal on-air gathering of hams who are railfans; that is, they enjoy railroads as a hobby. Whether they build model train layouts, expand their photo collections of prototype trains, or research the history of their favorite railroad, or rebuild historic locomotives, it's a great way to discuss railroads with other hams across the U.S. and Canada via IRLP.

Westcoast Amateur Radio Association Net
The Westcoast Amateur Radio Association, Node 1030, Victoria BC, has a weekly Net on Reflector 9005, Monday nights at 1900 Hrs local time.
( Email me directly at [email protected] for info.  Club information, local news, check-ins, swap and shop.

Saskatchewan Net
The Saskatchewan 2-meter net is held every Monday and Wednesday
evening at 9pm Central time. (7pm Pacific, 2am Tuesday and Thursday UTC)
It is for both IRLP connections and standard repeaters. There are several different net controllers and the net is held on the Saskatoon Reflector #9300.

Michigan IRLP Linkup
We link all the nodes in Michigan. Non-Michigan nodes are welcome also. We meet on reflector 9606 at 9pm eastern time each Tuesday night.

Southern San Joaquin Valley FM Radio Net
The Tulare County ARC hosts a directed net on Tuesday evenings (Pacific Time) at 1930. (0330 Wed Nov-Mar, 0230 April-October) on the WA6BAI 146.880 MHz repeater, IRLP Node 8120 located near Visalia, CA USA.  We will be connecting to the Western Reflector (Las Vegas) on 9255. Hope to "see" you there.  All are welcome to join in.

Wednesday Evening Net
This net is held every Wednesday evening at 9:00PM EST, Thursday 0100Z on Reflector 9215. We welcome check ins from all over the globe.  Net control ops are VE3MXJ and VE4MGR

IRLP Swap Net
This swap net is limited to amateur radio equipment or amateur related equipment.

1. To be included in the net you must email [email protected] or [email protected]  Your for sale/want or swap items in advance.  Closing time for emails is Tuesday on the week of the net.  You will receive an email confirmation.

2. Limit to swap items is 3

The net will begin at 1900 Mountain time

Roll will be called and you will be given time to relay your swap items.

All swaps will be included in net for two (2) weeks running.

We will go through missed stations a second time, and, if time permits, the email ads for those who missed both roll calls will be read by net control.

If any more time remains, the net will be opened for on the air contact and ads will be taken.

VK Virtual Pub

An informal get together to chat about anything. Often includes the '500 Mile High Club', where VK based net participants work the UO-14 satellite while it's over VK. Time is not fixed, falls within range given. All welcome!

This is a training net when weather permits. This net also can be started by stations in the effected area when weather Warnings or Watches are enacted by the National Weather Service, the National Severe Storm Lab and the National Hurricane Center. IRLP Reflector 9210 will be used to link repeaters in the affected areas and will act as net control reflector. This linking of these repeaters will give the local National Weather Service Offices around the country and the world a quick and immediate contact with amateur radio SKYWARN Spotters.
More information available at

We now have a net on reflector 9310 in Fredrickton,Ontario It will host a technical check in for those that are new hams or older ones that have questions pertaining to Ham radio. It will be held Every Friday night @ 8:00pm Hosted by Reg Bagshaw, VE3BQQ in Hamilton Ontario, On the VE3WIK repeater and simplex 146.550. More info or E-mail [email protected]

Kids Net
This net is to help get our youth population involved in ham radio. Join our Yahoo group at

Hawaiian Au Au Net
Purpose is to get Hawaiian and transplant Hawaiian Amateur operators together to enjoy our Hawaiian culture and way of life (cause we like shoot the breeze li dat caus it stay moa bettah). So, if you stay Hawaiian (Hawaiian at heart is good enough) come check us out brahh

QSO Party
Informal net with a party atmosphere.  Bring a bottle, food provided.  Suggestions for themes welcome.  Hosted by Chris, M5XYZ in Lancaster.

Scandinavian Net
Mainly the Scandinavian language is spoken. This to extend a service for all Scandinavians outside of Sweden and all other Scandinavian nodes.

New England Net
The New England Net is a talk, swap and trivia net designed for the New England Network. During the net, you will be able to ask questions regarding the network, mention ham gear for swap or sell and answer three trivia questions for fun. This net is open to all amateurs.
The net is run weekly, every Sunday at 7 P.M. local (Eastern) time on reflector 987, channel 7 (9877). The contact for this net is Rick - W1RJC. Our website is

Red Cross Net
This group is to facilitate the planning and on-going maintenance of the American Red Cross disaster communication plans and practices. We utilize the Internet Radio Linking Project to communicate nation wide. It is also intended as a forum for coordination between ARC, ARES/RACES, FEMA, and Homeland Security. Our net meets every Sunday Evening at (9 PM)2100 Hrs. EDT, (8 PM)2000 Hrs. CDT, (7 PM)1900 Hrs. MDT, (6 PM)1800 Hrs. PDT, (5 PM)1700 Hrs. AKDT, (3 PM)1500 Hrs. HAST(0100Z Monday) on the IRLP Western Reflector (channel 9257).


Enjoy IRLP and please "Pass the Word"
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