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I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Maurice LaHue (Mo). Mo was what I envisioned to be the perfect gentleman. He was a great man, always willing to
lend a hand or help another ham with anything he could. I have had many, many QSO's with Mo, each of them more enjoyable than the last, and he always had an
interesting story to tell whether it was about the goats, the farm, radios, his children, his loving wife or life in general. I talked with Mo on the telephone and we chatted about his health and it's effect on his lifestyle. He was extremely grateful to have CJ at his side, and support from his radio friends through his past years illness.

I will miss Mo very much, and 10M AM will never be the same for me without him. Band conditions come and go but Mo's kindness and spirit will always be remembered.

I'm comforted to know that he's now in a place where filaments never burn out, SWR is always 1:1 and conditions are always good.

Best 73 Mo from Paul, VE7KHz

I will never forget your thoughtfulness and kindness.

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Welcome to my Web site

Hi and welcome to my first web page. It is my first attempt at web design so please bear with the poor layout, design and image sizes. I have discovered that HTML design can be a real pain.

Click on the images to go to the individual pages and then click on each picture to get a larger image. Some of the images are quite large and may take a minute to download.

I enjoy many aspects of amateur radio including CW, SSB and AM phone. I build some gear including transmitters, amplifiers and various audio equipment and other electronic circuits. I mainly operate AM in the 10M window of 29.000MHz to 29.200MHz and on 80M, 3.870MHz to 3.885MHz. I have collected lots of gear over the years and use as much as I can, although some people are of the opinion that I have more than anyone can use in a lifetime. 

  I look forward to any comments you may have so please send me an email.



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This is a picture of the Sun that I took with my Nikon 950 on Sunday April 1, 2001 looking through a Bauch and Lomb Spotting scope with #12 welding glass in front of the objective lens. You can see the sunspots which are currently causing all sorts of strange activity, (or lack of) on the HF bands.

And by popular demand (special request) a Mog Mug. Yes that's me standing beside my 1970 Mercedes Benz Unimog.

And as always.......

or more likely.....

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