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Last Updated - November 15, 1998

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Welcome to VE6ZY's Web Page

                                The Old Turkey is on the Web! 

This VE6 is in VE7 land on the Island with the ocean, sun, sand and beaches but just too busy enjoy it. Original starting out as a VE4 in Thompson Manitoba where we lived for several years.  Deciding  to head south in search of a warmer climate we spending a short time back in Saskatchewan, my home province. Then on to Alberta to take on an excellent employment opportunity for several years. The winters were still cold for these old bones so I headed for the west coast and where we are working hard to afford to live.


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"I had it Built it and they did come!"
(but what did they see??)

Give me a break. . . I'm just a busy guy! . . . I promise to do some work on my site, eventually. . . It   seems to me that it will always be under construction  and never be finished... Gee that kind of sound like life. . .  Hi. . .                   

Be Sure to check back later!

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Tompson Turkey

Remember the "Tompson Turkey!

Dedicated to the old gang from Tompson, Manitoba!

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