These compressed MP3 sound files have been recorded at VE6WZ directly from the FT-1000d or IC-756ProII to the sound board on the PC. 

File names: Call, Band, YR/MO/DD.  LP= Long path (usually my morning) SP= Short Path (usually my evening)

Click the file and your sound player should be able to play them.

If possible use headphones to improve the copy....these recordings are mostly of difficult, lowband QSO's which are often just at the edge of readability.....some signals are very light, but  mostly all Q-5.....afterall...nobody works 80 or 160 without they?


2004-2005 Winter 2003-2004 Winter 2002-2003 Winter 2001-2002 Winter 2000-2001 Winter


160m sound files.....2002/2003 winter season

FM5BH_160m-02-12-29 34 Kb A CQ during the Stew Perry contest
FY5KE_VE6WZ-160m-03-01-25  61 Kb  contest QSO
YV1DIG_160m-03-01-25 83 Kb  contest QSO
FM5GU_160m-03-01-25 20 Kb Very solid N-S propagation during the contest
PJ2X_160m-03-01-25 28 Kb Just booming in !!!  Check out this fantastic station at their webpage!!!
D4B_160m-03-02-16 228 Kb Alex 4L5A at his super contest station....great signals from Cape Verde. We made a QSO a bit later.  See below in the 80m section for his booming signal on that band !!!
YV1DIG_160m-03-02-19 189 Kb Listen to the QSB on Paul's signal.
G4VGO_160m-03-02-28 176 Kb WOW !! The Kite Antenna works !! Listen to Bob's signal...a very sudden peak just as we QSO....outstanding conditions this evening for about 20m around UK sunrise. 1st EU this winter !!Go to Bobs website to see his Kite antennas
HU1A_160m-03-03-02 40 Kb Big signal from EL Salvador during the ARRL SSB Contest
FY5KE_160m-03-03-02 33 Kb Conditions were not great for the Caribbean/SA during the contest...signals lower than usual.

80m sound files.....2002/2003 winter season

OH1TX_80m_02-11-05 98 Kb  Jaakko coming in LP SSB....just at my sunrise
SM5RQ_80m-02-11-05 28 Kb Martin coming in LP SSB...just at my sunrise
3XY7C_80mSSB-02-11-11 59 Kb These boys had a great set-up for this DX-pedition but conditions were not good to VE6 even though good signals were reported further south on the west coast.  Finally a QSO on 80m.
9L1AB_80m-02-11-17 67 kB Andy (G3AB) from Sierra Leone at my evening.
SM6GZ_80mLP-02-11-18 16 Kb Bert and Martin SM5RQ coming in long path at my morning.  The band was noisy but signals were good. Noise levels at s-8 with no attn.
DU9/N0NM_80m-02-11-29 70 Kb Great solid signals from Jon in the Philippines
BD5HUA_80m-02-12-11 67 kB Strong signals from China.
EI6S_80mssb-02-12-11 52 Kb WOW...listen how strong Georges signal is from Ireland...short path at my evening.
F6DZU_80m-02-12-11 42 Kb Bert from France with a good short path signal.



423 Kb EI6S, G4AMN,G4IIA, G3WXX and EI4CI.....who is the loudest ??
G3PCG-ve6jy_80m-02-12-11 70 Kb Don VE6JY works Dave G3PCG short path
G3WUX_80m-02-12-11 54 Kb More short path England
SM5CEU_80m-02-12-11 83 Kb Great solid signals from Sweden short path at my evening.
OZ1ING_80m-02-12-11  74 Kb Henrik coming in short path.
ON5GK_80,-02-12-11 57 Kb Belgium short path.
YO2LDC_80m-02-12-11 31 Kb This is a long path recording made at my sunrise
F5IN_80m-02-12-12 62 Kb Mike....loud as usual
G3WXX_80m-02-12-12 109 Kb Tony with his usual great solid signal.
GI0VJE_80m-02-12-12 46 Kb Very clear short path
GW3JXN_80m-02-12-12  94 Kb John with a solid short path signal
GW3KDB_80m-02-12-12 124 Kb Pete from Wales
G4IIA_80m-02-12-12 48 KB Mike coming in well short path



100 KB This recording was made by John G3XRJ of VE6JY (first) and myself (second)on SSB. Its nice to hear my own signal as it sounds in the UK.  John has a fantastic lowband QTH...go here to see his web-page:
GD4PTV_80m-02-12-12 58 Kb Brian short path.
EI9HW-SM6GZ_80m-02-12-12 122 Kb Bert SM6GZ and John EI9HW....very strong signals this evening
PA1RJ_80mssb-02-12-15 242 Kb Pete with copy just above the noise...condition were not great this evening.
GM3JKS_80m-02-12-16 79 Kb Fred from Scotland
G0NVD-EI6S_80m-02-12-16 195 Kb Jon and George short path.




1,100 Kb How good are your ears? (don't forget....I use headphones) Some tough copy here with lots of noise on the band.  All short path signals skimming past the Aurora Oval.Big file. Dave-G0AIX, Les-G4OFY, Martin-G4XCV, John-G3XRJ, Clive-G3WMX, Jon-G0NVD, George-EI6S.
OE6MBG_80m-02-12-16 322 Kb Mike coming in long path...light signals just above my noise this morning.
DJ4PT_80m-02-12-16 64 Kb Klaus with a nice solid long path signal
XU7ACB_80m-02-12-16 60 Kb Cambodia at my morning.
JT1CO_80m-02-12-16 84 Kb Chak sending a CQ at my morning...his signal was best at about 215 deg....west over the Pacific



259 Kb Pete and Mike coming in long path just at my sunrise.
ZL1IU_80m-03-01-01 50 Kb Nick on SSB just at his sunset on New Years eve.
CT3FT_80m-03-01-02 83 Kb Cedric with a loud short path signal.





1,150 Kb A nice shortpath SSB opening. In order: Les G4OFY, Jon G0NVD, Peter EI2IU, Ross G4PEL, John G3XRJ, Pierce EI4CI, John EI9HW, Dave G3PCG, Clive G3WMX.
RA1ACJ_80m-03-01-05 143 Kb Slava from Russia-short path my evening
UA2BD_80m-03-01-05 81 Kb Taras in Kaliningrad-short path my evening
HA3MY_80m-03-01-05 53 Kb Pit from Hungary-short path my evening
OE6MBG_80m-03-01-05 425 Kb OE6MBG & G3LQP a fantastic signal from Mike and Roger this evening.





562 Kb Great short path opening....very solid signals from the usual gang: G0NVD, SP2FAX, EI2IU, G4AMN, SM6GZ, G4OFY, G4PEL, F5VCO
5B4AGN-80m-03-01-07 97 Kb Bob coming in longpath at my morning....beaming SW over the Pacific ocean.
HA8BE_80m-03-01-07 115 Kb A longpath CQ from Hungary....listen to the slow deep QSB.
RA6AU-cq_80m-03-01-10 86 Kb A longpath CQ from Russia...condition not great this morning with lots of QSB.
OM5ZW_80mlp-03-01-13 58 Kb A longpath CQ from Slovak Rep.
JT1CO-ve6wz_80m-03-01-20 63 Kb A QSO with Chak in Mongolia just before my sunrise.
UT7QF_80mLP-03-01-21 97 Kb The Ukraine coming in longpath just at sunrise.
A45WD_80m-03-01-22 97 Kb A CW QSO with Alex from Oman Longpath.
4X4WN_80m-03-01-22 86 Kb The same morning as above...David sending a solid CQ.
SP2FAX_80m-03-01-22 67 Kb Kaz on SSB coming in longpath...lots of QRN from a storm in the pacific.
SM6GZ-SM4CJM_80m-03-01-22  365 Kb Bert SM6GZ and Hans SM4CJM on SSB strange to hear such high QRN at this time of almost sounds like summertime.
OE6MBG-80Mlp-03-01-22 73 Kb Another LP recording of Mike.....conditions really quite poor this season to VE6.
OE6MBG_80mlp-03-01-24 127 Kb Two days later...long path better this morning.
SV8CS_80mlp-03-01-24 87 Kb Greece coming in longpath...what a great signal from Spiros !!!
RA6AU_80mLP-03-01-24 72 Kb A LP QSO with Vasili from Russia
SM5CEU_80m-03-01-24 141 Kb A LP QSO with Ken from Sweden
OH1NOR_80m-03-01-25 67 Kb Remarkable signals from Finland coming in at about 240 deg. longpath.
LY2ZZ_80m-03-01-28 86 Kb Jonas from Lithuania coming in longpath. 
4X4WN_80mlp-03-01-29 194 Kb A longpath QSO with David from Israel....great opening this morning!!
OH3XR_80m-03-01-29 130 Kb A longpath QSO with Marko from Finland.
VE6WZ-oh3xr_80m-03-01-29 45 Kb Just after the QSO above, Marko made this recording of my CQ..Its nice to hear my own signal in EU.
OH5BR_80m-03-01-29 116 Kb Olavi coming in longpath SSB.
OH1TX_80m-03-01-29 35 Kb Jakko very clear and strong.  Longpath SSB.
SM2EKM_80m-03-01-29 63 Kb Jim just booming in!!! longpath SSB.
OR3T_80m-03-02-16 122 Kb The famous ON4UN contest station....John had the ONLY EU short path signal into VE6 that I could copy during the ARRL contest.
D4B_80m-03-02-15 160 Kb The super D4B contest station booming in.  See their webpage here : We QSO'd on 160m also.  These guys always have a great lowband signal.
JT1CO_80m-03-02-15 49 Kb Chak from Mongolia during ARRL cw contest...coming in at 220 deg at my morning.
RU1A_80m-03-02-16 31 Kb Booming signal from Russia coming in longpath at about 240 deg.  ARRL contest. A 3 el full size yagi on wonder they are so loud !!!
VE6WZ_ES5TV_80m-03-02-16 299 Kb My signal as it sounded in Estonia. Tanno made this recording of my Long Path QSO with him during the ARRL CW contest. The QSB is deep and makes copy difficult, but he gets my call ok.  Tanno was TX on his 4 sq. and RX on his beverage.  Look here at Tanno's big antenna's !!
T31MY_80-03-02-19 58 Kb Doug VA5DX QSOs C. Kiribati....very solid signals from the Pacific.
RA6AU_80m-03-02-21 158 Kb Long path CW signals from Russia....Vasili has a very  strong signal coming in around 240 deg.
RK4FF_80m-03-02-21 257 Kb The big 3 el full-size yagi sending another solid longpath signal from Russia.
DJ0MDR_80m-03-02-28 44 Kb Short path signal from Germany at my evening.
DK1MAX_80m-03-02-28 73 Kb Max coming in short path from Germany at my evening.
D4B_80mSSB-03-03-01 50 Kb Cape Verde during the ARRL SSB DX Contest
JW5HE_80m-03-03-04 114 Kb Rag..LA5HE on Svalbard Island...strange conditions this evening with a K index of 4, there were no other EU signals coming through, but Rag was Q-5. Lots of QSB...our signals must have been skirting under the aurora.  There were few other NA callers.
EA8BH_80m-03-03-04 64 Kb Marty from his Canary Is. QTH just thundering in....this sounds like 20m !!
EA6BF_80m-03-03-04 109 Kb Josep coming through on CW from the Balearic Is.
VP6DIA_80mSSB-03-03-12 50 Kb Ducie Is. an easy shot for us on the west was noisy this morning, but Q-5 SSB signals.

40m sound files.....2002/2003 winter season

7X4AN_40m-02-11-07 75 Kb Med from Algeria at his sunrise.
4J6ZZ-40m_02-12-01 50 Kb Serge from Azerbaijan
S07U_40m-02-12-02 32 Kb Western Sahara coming in at my evening.
LX1KC_40mssb-02-12-02 208 Kb Chris is a regular on 40m SSB.  His short path signal in this recording is not as strong as usual  but good copy. Visit his web page here
LX0LT_40mLP-02-12-03 149 Kb Chris at LX0LT coming in LP at my morning.  Beaming at around 240 deg.
3C2MV_40m-02-12-03 100 Kb Vitaly VE6JO from Equatorial Guinea.....nice signal with 100w. Just at my sunset.
9S1X-py2ndx_40m-02-12-03 121 Kb Rafael, PY2NDX works the Congo....nice signals on 40m
9S1X-ve6wz_40m-02-12-06  365 Kb Nice signals on 40m but a very tough pile-up
XU7ACB_40m-02-12-10 118 kb Very strong SP signals well past my sunrise.
HS0ZBS_40m-02-12-11 100 Kb Kurt from Thailand booming in this morning. 
ZC4DW-ve6lb_40m-02-12-17 55 Kb Gerry VE6LB QSO's Cyprus long path at our morning. 
ZC4DW_40msp-02-12-20 41 Kb A few days later short path....nice signals !! 
S21YY_40m-02-01-02 49 Kb Bangladesh at my morning peaking north path. 
5B4AGN_40msp-03-01-03 43 Kb Bob booming in short path.
UK9AA_40msp-03-01-09 77 Kb Great solid signal from Tashkent in Uzbekistan....beaming north straight across the north pole at my evening.
EX8O_40m-03-01-09 80 Kb Another loud signal coming over the pole at my evening...this time, Alex from Kyrgyzstan.
YA1BV_40m-03-01-14 127 Kb The one that got away...I still need Afghanistan on 40m.  In this file a solid signal coming in at about 230 deg. over the pacific ocean at my morning. The closest I get is a VE ?....then he wiggled off the hook....must have been noisy conditions for him because at the end he says QRT.  The file is edited to remove most of my calling.
ZD7MY_40m-03-01-26 147 Kb Barrie from St. Helena booming in just before my sunset.
EY8MM_40m-03-01-27 118 Kb Nodir from Tajikistan coming in short path over the north pole at my sunset. Visit Nodir's webpage here:
3B8CF_40m-03-01-28 88 Kb A QSO with Jacky from Mauritius Is. at his evening
4X4WN_40m-03-01-29 118  Kb WOW...listen to this signal from David in sounds like a local station !!  This was recorded at my evening beaming shortpath.  David and I set up a sked for 80m longpath in this recording, and we make the 80m QSO which is posted above.
JY9NX_40m-03-01-29 34  Kb Jordan short path
5T5PBV_40m-03-02-05 78  Kb Nice signals from Mauritania in West Africa.
A92ZE_40msp-03-02-15 44  Kb Gus during ARRL cw contest....short path
A61AJ_40m-03-02-16 59  Kb   ARRL cw contest....short path just at my sunset
4U1ITU_40m-03-02-16 39  Kb  ARRL cw contest....short path just at my sunset
ST0RY_40m-03-03-21 168  Kb  What great signals from this well organized Dx-pedition to Sudan.  Part way through this recording I include the QSX listening channel to hear the pile-up. Webpage here.
C93FF_40m-03-04-24 225  Kb  Mozambique coming through just at the African sunrise.


3C2MV_15m-02-12-08.mp3 233 Kb Willy running the pile on 15m...VE6TN, Barry makes the QSO at the end of the recording.  Stereo file...pile in right, 3C2MV in left.
3C2MV_15m-02-12-08 (2).mp3 1,210 Kb REALLY BIG Stereo file of Willy working the 15m pile-up....long download.
3c2mv_20m-02-09 (2).mp3 358 Kb Willy in Equatorial Guinea works Norm, VE6KG.


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