These compressed MP3 sound files have been recorded at VE6WZ directly from the FT-1000d or IC-756ProII to the sound board on the PC. 

File names: Call, Band, YR/MO/DD.  LP= Long path (usually my morning) SP= Short Path (usually my evening)

Click the file and your sound player should be able to play them.

If possible use headphones to improve the copy....these recordings are mostly of difficult, lowband QSO's which are often just at the edge of readability.....some signals are very light, but  mostly all Q-5.....afterall...nobody works 80 or 160 without they?


2005-2006 Winter 2004-2005 Winter 2003-2004 Winter 2002-2003 Winter 2001-2002 Winter 2000-2001 Winter


160m sound files.....2005/2006 winter season

SM5EDX_160m-05-10-15 98 kb CW  


63 kb CW  
OH3XR_160m-05-10-15 56 Kb CW  


125 KB CW Marko from Finland made this recording of our QSO. Visit Marko's site here:
DF2PY_160m-05-10-15 59 kb CW  


HA8BE_160m-05-10-15   CW  






OZ1DD_160m-05-10-15   CW  


LA0CX_160m-05-10-15   CW  


PA0CLN_160m-05-10-23   CW  




OH9RJ_160m-05-10-23   CW  




OK1AEZ_160m-05-10-23   CW  




ES5TV_160m-05-10-23   CW  


UA2FF_160m-05-10-23   CW  












50kB CW How does the beverage compare to the shunt-fed tower on RX ??  Beverage/ TX antenna RX test.  In this file I switch from:  Beverage-TX-Beverage-TX-Beverage during his can hear the switch by the gap and amplitude of the signal.




157 Kb CW Listen to the very deep QSB on Johns signal.  This is an example of the common severe QSB that happens on TB...I listened to John for about 30min as he called CQ and QSO'd others...his signal would only "pop" out of the noise about every 5 minutes...most of the time there was no copy...his QSB peaks lasted only about 60 seconds or so...the exchanges needed to be quick !!!  This file has been edited...I cut out most of my calling.






  CW Marko made this recording of my CQ.  I had NO copy on any EU this evening, but Marko with his fantastic RX could copy me very well.  This make me think I need to move out of the city for better RX !!!!


1500 kb CW A very long file of a JA run on 160. Maybe some of JA will want to listen to the signals in VE6

JG3IWL_160m-06-01-04 (2)

  CW Hisao makes his first VE QSO from Japan.


39 kb CW In spite of high QRN on both sides, John copies my signal in Belgium. His signal peaked about 30min before his SR then faded down. This is John sending CQ after our QSO

VE6WZ_ON4UN_160m- 06-01-15

117 kb CW John made this recording of our QSO. He was listening on his NA end fire phased beverages.  Thanks John !!


80m sound files.....2005/2006 winter season

DF2PY_80M-05-10-05 52 kb CW  
S50A_80M-05-10-05 98 kb CW  
V51-DJ4SO_80mcw-05-10-06 48 kb CW  
F5IN_80m-05-10-11 88 kb CW  
EI2IU_80m-05-10-13 56 kb SSB  
EI2IU_80m(2)-05-10-13 78 kb SSB  
SP3GEM_80m-05-10-13 25 kb SSB  
SP3GEM_VA7XX_80m-05-10-13 72 kb SSB  
6W7-F8PDR_80m-05-10-14   CW  
PA0GMW_80m-05-10-15   SSB  
SM6GZ_80m-05-10-15   SSB  
F8CFU_80m-05-10-15   SSB  
G0NVD-G4IIA_80m-05-10-15   SSB  
G0NVD-G4AMN_80m-05-10-15   SSB  
G0NVD-G4PEL-G4OFY_80m-05-10-15   SSB  
G0NVD-EA1DLU_80m-05-10-15   SSB  
ZS6CCY_80m-05-10-17   SSB  
F5IN_80m-05-10-19   CW  
F5VHY_80m-05-10-19   CW  
9H1ZA_80m-05-10-20   CW  
ES5TV_80m-05-10-23   CW  
F6CTT_80mSSB-05-10-23   SSB  
DL7ON_80mSSB-05-10-23   SSB  
OH1TX-OH5BM_80mssb-05-10-23   SSB  
G4AMN_G4PEL-G4OFY_80mssb-05-10-23   SSB  
G0NVD_G4PEL_G3BJ_G4IIA_80mssb-05-10-23   SSB  
GM3MOU_80mssb-05-10-23   SSB  
EI6S_80mssb-05-10-23   SSB  
LA3WAA_80mcw-05-10-23   CW  
HA9RT_80m-05-10-27   CW  
CN2R_80m-05-10-27   SSB  
4X4DK_80m-05-10-27   CW  
9J2BO_80m-05-10-27   CW  
LZ3FN_80m-05-10-28   SSB  
LZ3FN_CQ_80m-05-10-28   SSB  
OH0Z_80m-05-10-28   CW  
5U7JB_80m-05-10-30   SSB  
9V1YC_80m-05-11-05   CW  
ZS6CCY_80m-05-11-11   SSB  
VK9CG-ve6lb_80m-05-11-13(new).mp3   CW Gerry works the VK9 dx-pedition.
SP8BRQ_80mlp-05-11-13   CW LP Andy from Poland coming in LP.
SM6GZ_80m-05-11-13   SSB LP Bert coming in Long path
RA4LW_80m-05-11-15   CW Vlad was the only EU I could copy on 80m this evening.
TZ6LF_80m-05-11-25   CW A new one on 80m
8Q7DV_80m-05-11-26   CW  
9V1YC_80m-05-11-26   CW  
G3SED_80m-05-11-29   CW  
G0NVD_80m-05-12-05   SSB  
PA0GMW_80m-05-12-09   SSB Paul, PA0GMW. George EI6S and Tony G3WXX
ZS4PB_80m-05-12-09   SSB  
UT3UA_80m-05-12-10   CW  
TZ9A_80m-05-12-15   SSB  
VE6WZ-OH3XR_80m-05-12-24   CW Marko made this recording of my 80m CQ. Visit Marko's webpage here:
3B8CF_80m-05-12-24   CW WOW...Jacky coming through short path on 80m !!  I was beaming NE over EU.  No QSO since a wall of East-coast was calling : ((
YL2GP_80m-05-12-24   CW  
VE6WZ_80m_pile_05-12-24 1160 kb SSB Are you in the pile ??  This is a long file of numerous QSO's during a great opening on SSB. I have deleted most of my calling and compressed the file as much as possible.
VE6WZ_G3XRJ_80m-05-12-24   SSB John made this recording of our QSO...see below to hear John's signal recorded at ve6wz. Visit Johns web-site here for other sound files:
G3XRJ_80m-05-12-24   SSB This is how John sounded at VE6WZ during the same QSO as above.
9V1YC_80m-06-01-01   CW  
9N7JO_80m-06-01-01   CW Nepal on 80m !!  No QSO, but a great signal.  He was loudest beaming SP (NW) just before sunrise.
9N7JO_80m-06-01-03   CW  
HB0-DL2OBO_80m-06-01-05   CW A difficult QSO both ways....this is what I copy....first ve6iz ??, then I send correction ve6wz with 559, he sends wz ?? wz?? 559 wz?? KN, I send CFM CFM es 73, he send 73, ve6wz 73. Visit Tom's web-page for his dx-pedition: ( A log-check shows Tom did copy my call OK)
V51WM_80m-06-01-04   SSB Martin coming through just at his sunrise
HL2FDW_VE6AX-80m-06-01-07   CW Rich VE6AX works South Korea.
LZ1JY_80m-06-01-10   SSB .
OE6MBG-OH1TX_80m-06-01-10   SSB  
HB9CIP_80m-06-01-15   CW Dan had a great signal this evening
ON4UN_80m-06-01-15   CW Now THIS is a LOUD signal on 80m !!! John was s-9 plus.
VE6WZ_ON4UN_80m- 06-01-15 111 kb CW John made this recording of our QSO.  Listen to the strong QRN...this sounds like summer time !!!
5T0JL_80mcw-06-01-30.mp3 122 kb CW  
SV3RF_80m-06-02-03   CW  
UU4JMG_80m-06-02-03   CW  
OM3EY_80m-06-02-03   CW  
ON4UN_80m-06-03-04 86 kb SSB The ON4UN contest station during the ARRL ssb contest
DF2PY_80m-06-03-04   CW Wolf sending CQ...this signal was over s-9 on my meter !!!
TY5WP_80m-06-03-18   CW Benin in west # 200 on 80m since 1998
9G5OO_80mssb-06-03-18   CW Gahna in west # 201 on 80m since 1998...the same nite !!!

40m sound files.....2005/2006 winter season

9K2MU_40mcw-05-10-06 61 kb CW  
5X1VB_40m-05-11-11 63Kb CW This is country # 298 on 40m since 1998 at the ve6wz QTH.  This QSO was in my early afternoon local time at around 2 pm.  He was working mostly JA's but heard my call....two more to go to # 300 !!!
VK9CG_40m-05-11-11 56kb CW LP This QSO was at around 2:50 in the afternoon local time. I was beaming East at about 110 deg. longpath.
EX-ES1RA_40m-05-11-11 65 KB CW Coming in direct path straight north over the pole about 1 hr. after sunrise.
8Q7DV_40m-05-11-30   CW  
9N7JO_40m-05-12-27 131 Kb CW Nepal long path just after # 301 on 40m since 1998!!!
5R8GZ_40m-05-12-27   CW Albert calling CQ on 40m path over EU.
VQ9JC_40m-06-01-01   CW Long Path after sunrise to the Indian Ocean


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