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This Website is Always

This website is MY PERSONAL Ham Radio Website.

I will be modifying this website from time to time when I feel it is needed. I have limited webspace on some servers. Certain things may end up being deleted or moved around from time to time. Certain links or pages that have been removed may re-appear at a later time if I feel it will improve the website. The complete contents of this website are mirrored on servers in a number of countries. If you have anything HAM RADIO related that you believe would make a nice addition to this website, please let me know. Interesting ham radio links, fun radio construction projects, station accessory construction projects, etc. are always welcome on this site. If you would like to share your favorite projects, links, photos etc., I do have some room left. 73 and I hope you find something fun or useful here. The bands really seem to be improving. See you on the air! dit dit