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January 13, 2002 - Attention Mind-It Users

As of January 15, 2002, the Mind-It Service on will no longer be operational on this website. For more information go to

December 4, 2001 - What is is a community site designed and operated by and run for active Amateur Radio operators (hams). is not just a website.
It is the Internet's #1 Amateur Radio Community.

We invite you to bookmark the site, explore the system, and join our group of dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic members in continuing to build the world's largest community of Amateur Radio enthusiasts.

If you are interested in becoming a member of (it's free), go to:

This site includes:

Articles  - Articles of interest to the amateur radio community can be entered and viewed here.  These may be technical, operating or even humorous in nature.  They are supplied by members for all to enjoy.

Calendar  - Enter or search for the schedules for Dxpeditions, Hamfests, contests, testing sessions, club meetings, etc.

Callbook  - Up-to-the minute with the FCC database.  The callbook allows members to enter personal information such as their email address, web site address, biography, and picture.

Chat  - Chat with friends from all around the world about any topic of interest.  An unlimited number of chat rooms allows you to find other hams with similar interests.  It's also a great meeting place for on air schedules.

Classifieds  - Buy, Sell, and Swap online for free.  Ads often include photos.  Cross-post to Usenet newsgroup automatically.

DX Packet Spots  - View DX spots from all over the world.  Filter spots by band, mode, callsign, or geographic area of the spotting station.  Easy one-click link to the QSL manager database or Callbook helps make the spotting application a must for DXers.

Forums  - Forums operates like a community bulletin board.  Topics can be easily added or replied to by members.  Members can also subscribe to topics of particular interest.  This way, they will receive, via email, all future posts to those topics.

Friends Remembered  - It seems to us that there is very little opportunity to preserve the memory of amateurs who have given themselves to our hobby and have passed on.  Friends Remembered is dedicated to deceased hams and their memory.  Members may add comments and a photograph of their SK friends.  Others are invited to contribute further comments.

Ham Exams  - Hams trying to upgrade their license class can take practice exams and get immediate results.  Questions are taken directly from the FCC question pool. 

Ham Links  - The largest and fastest way to find ham radio web sites on the Internet.  Links are sorted by categories and can be searched and displayed in a variety of methods.  Links are also rated by the community.

News  - members contribute news articles to the ham radio community. News from other sources such as the ARRL are also frequently included. News is an excellent way for hams around the world to get their news in front of the amateur community quickly and effectively. You can also express your opinion and read the opinions of other users along with each news article.

Product Reviews  - Review any ham product you own or come here to read reviews about products you are considering to buy.

Profiles  - Our members can enter information about themselves on their own profile page. View other members' profiles by searching with the eHAM callbook feature.

Propagation  - Up-to-the-minute propagation information updated from the PacketClusters around the world.

Shack Showcase  - Ham radio shacks, towers or interesting photos are showcased in the Shack Showcase on the home page.  See pictures and short descriptions of ham radio goodies.

Speak Out  - An often lively editorial forum for comment on ham radio topics.

Spotlight  - Ham radio operators are profiled in the Spotlight on the home page.  See pictures and read about ham radio operators from around the world.

QSL Managers  - Integrated with the DX Packet Spots, QSL managers are easily found with a click of the mouse.

Strays  - A place for tidbits of information, news or humor that can't quite find a home elsewhere on

Survey Question  - Cast your vote on issues important and not-so-important to the amateur community.  Members may also add comments, if desired.

December 9, 2000 - New Century and Millennium just around a corner
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
November 20, 2000 - New members
The MEMBERS' table was updated with inclusion of new members: Andrzej (va3ara), Bolek (va3bol), Grzegorz (ve3hbz), Jerry (ve3hdh), Jack (va3koz), Lynn (va3lch), Leszek (va3mea), Tony (ve3ndo) and Sigmont (ve3zig). Welcome to the group!
September 19, 1999 - 10-metre beacon has cracked the top 100 most...
It seems that Alex's 10-metre beacon (VE3GOP/B) has cracked the "top 100 most reliable beacons in the world" list in 1998. Click here to see the complete breakdown but pay particular attention to spot no. 77. The beacon will be going QRT on Friday, September 24, 1999 as a result of Alex's move to a new QTH. This is just a temporary shutdown and the operation will resume as soon as the equipment is settled in place. At this time it is not known how long this will take. It will also be an opportunity to switch the beacon from a beam antenna to a 15-foot whip giving it a more desirable omni coverage.
September 19, 1999 - IOTA expedition to Mt. Desert Island
It's been a while since this section has seen any updates. Hopefully this trend doesn't continue. We have learned that Andrzej VA3PL has just returned from an IOTA expedition to Mt. Desert Island. Click here to read about his adventures. Unfortunately, it has been written in Polish only, but for those of you who can't understand a word of it, take a look at some of the pictures he brought back.
April 18, 1999 - ATV experiments
Alex VE3GOP and Slawek VE3ASB have resumed their ATV experiments. Both sides are plagued with equipment needing some TLC but despite that Slawek was able to receive Alex's transmissions with fair to good results. This is a one way setup at the moment but will become half duplex very soon. Anyone in the Greater Toronto area wishing to participate or offer technical expertise is welcome to join in. Coordination takes place on 144.340 MHz and audio/video can be found on 439.250 MHz.
April 18, 1998 - VE3GOP beacon is currently off
The VE3GOP beacon is currently off the air, due to keyer software modifications and equipment relocation.
December 4, 1997 - Experimental 10-metre beacon operation
Alex VE3GOP has just estabilished an experimental 10-metre beacon operation. It's a temporary setup until he acquires a permanent transmitter and antenna for it. The beacon is running 5 watts into a 3-element directional antenna beaming to Europe (60 degrees). Please listen on 28.236 MHz CW. He'd be happy to receive any reception reports in form of an e-mail or a QSL card.
August 16, 1997 - One man expedition to Sable Island
From August 9 to the 12th, Jarek VA3NCD was on a one man expedition to the Sable Island (off the coast of Nova Scotia). The payoff? About 2500 QSO's, numerous rolls of film and videotapes. Jarek has promised that all of the materials will be available to our members, and also he'll tell us about his experiences on the next group meeting. Many of us have had a QSO with Jarek, (I hear Waldek making funny noises at me right about now) who will QSL via bureau or direct. At the moment of this writing VA3NCD is vacationing somewhere outside of VE3 land but has authorized Waldek to organize a post-expedition get together. For more details please direct your email to VE3PEX.
August 15, 1997 - Be on the lookout for Greg
Be on the lookout for Greg VE3NXO, who will be vacationing in Poland from August 18th until September 8th. He will operate on 14.273 MHz under a temporary callsign SO6NXO. Don't expect to "see" him for the first few days as he needs to settle down first. Bon Voyage, Greg!
August 8, 1997 - Our group is growing!
Our group is growing! Our latest addition is Stan Tyminski, VE3MLB. I will update our MEMBERS section as soon as I receive sufficient info from Stan. Stan has been an amateur for over 35 years, his Polish call is SP5XVV. He is active on 20 meters at the moment but will regularly visit our machine as soon as he decides on his VHF/UHF equipment. Welcome to our group Stan, and have a pleasant stay!
August 1, 1997 - Waldek VE3PEX is leaving Toronto for good
With regret we have to inform that Waldek VE3PEX is leaving Toronto for good. Employment opportunities forced him to move down to Florida. Waldek will operate for a while under his Canadian call sign and will not switch to an American one until he settles down at his new location. Don't rush to the DOC office yet - Waldek will stick to VE3PEX for a while. As a result of all this, Alex VE3GOP will take over our Web Page maintenance and updates, and Adam VE3PLE will be responsible for graphical design. Waldek, we'll miss your friendly voice on the machine and hope to see you on HF as often as possible.


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