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Special Bulletin
Date - May 26, 2005
Bulletin # 05-21

Website Moved
With the change in seasons, comes a change on the website.  The new link for the website is now
If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to let me know how it can be upgraded and modified to better serve you the ARES stations.

Field Day
The South Georgian Bay West Simcoe ARES along with the South Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club will be taking part in Field Day again this year.  We are still looking for someone to coordinate the event.  If you are interested, please contact Greg VA3KUG at [email protected].

Kids of Steel Triathlon
Once again this year we have been asked to assist in communications for the Midland Kids of Steel Triathlon.  Date for the event is July 10, 2005 at Gawley Park in Midland.  Any stations that wish to assist, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

WASAGA Telpac Operational
A perminant Telpac Gateway station has been established in Wasaga Beach.  The location for the gateway is at the Wasaga Distribution office.  Callsign is VE3WBH-10 and is on 144.970 simplex at 1200 baud.  A great thanks goes out to Wasaga Distribution for providing the location and internet connection.

Check out recent photos on this web site.
ARES Photo Gallery
Contains pix of local and other ARES groups in and around Central Ontario.

NTS Station
VA3KEW - Ken continues to fill the role of the NTS liaison station with the OSN (Ontario Section Net) and OPN (Ontario Phone Net).  Listen for "KEW's Traffic Tips" on the ARES Nets.

Official Bulletin Station (OBS)
 With the passing of Doug VA3KNR, the role of Official Bulletin Station is available.  Anyone who is interested in becoming the Official Bulletin Station for the SGBWS ARES is asked to send an e-mail to Darren VE3REK [email protected].  This position requires nothing more than being able to check into the net each week and reading the bulletins from RAC.

Packet Node/BBS / APRS Node / Telpac Gateway
VE3REK - Darren, has provided our ARES group with a 2m Digi and BBS on 144.970 & 145.070 & 445.950.
Use PENMID or VE3REK for the Node callsign, VE3REK-1 or BBSREK for BBS.

A Telpac gateway is also being provided by Darren VE3REK.  Telpac allows a user to connect to the WL2K system to send and recieve internet E-mail via ham radio using standard packet TNC's.  Callsign for the gateway isVE3REK-10 and is on 144.970 simplex.

Additionally, there is an APRS Node, VE3REK, on 144.390

Training Schedule
A series of training Seminars that qualify operators to act as an EOC Station Manager / Supervisor will be held in the near future.  Interested individuals should advise the
AEC Operations (VA3KUG).
2003 Introduction to ARES 0900 - 1200
Message Handling / SET
2003 NCS Station Operation 0900 - 1200
Readiness & Response 

ARES Web site Log Book
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ARES Net Meeting Schedule
TIME - 1945 hours E.T.
See the Net Schedules page for details.

Digital Operations Page
with links to free software and shareware for 
all with simple audio cable interface - no TNC's required!
Links to PACKET/APRS Software - a TNC is required.


AEC - Operations
Greg - VA3KUG
AEC - Logistics
Bob - VE3WW
AEC - Liaison SGB Sector
Darren - VE3FSH
AEC - Liaison WS Sector
Don - VE3CBA
AEC - Administration 
Phil - VA3BDC

Register Your Station With ARES

Interested, licensed radio amateurs who wish to take an active role in public service through amateur radio are invited to contact the Emergency Coordinator.

It is not a requirement, that you belong to any radio club or organization.  However, certain leadership roles within ARES require the advantages of being a member of RAC.

On our registration form, indicate your interest in the area for which you feel most qualified, (2-3 in order of preference) and the best ways to contact you.  See our Local Organization Page for a list of responsibilities.  There is some flexibility in the organization of roles.

You will be contacted for further information and instructions.

For general membership, complete the online  registration form, submit it via the internet, or print and send it to:

Darren Lortie - VE3REK
843 Bay St. 
Midland, ON L4R 1M8

We periodically post updates, appointments, agreements, achievements, and other noteworthy items or milestones at this location, as our site is a dynamic and growing concern. 

Please bookmark this page, or check here early  in your visit to keep informed of such changes.

Information on this site is provided by SGBWS ARES.  This site is provided by QSL.NET.  We highly recommend you consider them for your web site. 

You are invited to check back on a regular basis to see what is happening with the South Georgian Bay West Simcoe ARES.  Thank you.

Darren - E.C.  SGBWS ARES [email protected]

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SSTV Experiment

Stations in the SGBWS Area recently conducted a successful experiment using SSTV on 2m repeater and simplex frequencies.  VE3UJK, VE3REK, and VE3LKI swapped pictures and text over the space of about one hour.  The test was very successful, and considerations are to have a regular SSTV Net.  Interested?  Contact any of the above stations to discuss.


D. Lortie - VE3REK - SGBWS ARES.
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