Emergency Operations Centre - Toronto - Courtesy of Joe Cusimano - VE3OV - DEC, GTA

The EOC for Toronto is manned by voulunteers from the Scarboro ARC.
This view (at left) is looking out towards the Command Centre that is located just to the right and across the hall in the background - steps away from the primary decision making conference room.  The door may be closed to ensure reduced ambient interference, yet the glass partitions ensure identification for access.


Seen here from the entrance to the station(s) you are able to determine the contingency equipment and duplication of equipment that is present to ensure effective and efficient operations.  Note the tidy layout, ease of access to materials, the flip chart for critical notes.


Another view from the right of the entrance completes the view and confirmation of duplicate systems.  Stations operate HF, VHF, UHF, on Simplex and Repeater frequencies.  Modes include Phone and Digital.  Antenna systems were commercially installed.  If you look closely above each operating table, you will see a copper buss grounding system to all pieces of equipment.

Thanks Joe, for sending the photos along and congratulations to you and your EC's, AEC's for demonstrating the potential for ARES in Public Service.

The Lanark, North Leeds ARES group have almost completed (now that's an under statement, it will never be 'complete'!!!) the work on our new-to-us ARES trailer.   It is an older model Glennette which we have been working on over the winter months.

The bed has been removed and an operating table installed.  The existing kitchen table will be utilized as the second operating position.  AC and DC outlets
have been installed at both positions, a power supply/battery charger fabricated and a variety of other structural work completed.

Here is a photo of the trailer, showing off it's new paint job.  For more -  www.perth.igs.net/~lcares

Thanks to George Sansom - VE3GWS - DEC Eastern Ontario

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