VE3LNY's Freebies

NOTE. These programs are free for anyone to use. But, there's no warranty that they actually work, and no support, although you can try sending an e-mail to VE3LNY. All programs are Windows 32-bit, unless otherwise noted, and should work on all modern Windows 32 and 64-bit systems (Tested up to Win10). They should also work on XP and earlier 32-bit windows, but you may have to install the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package if you get some application can't be executed error message. (If the link I provided is broken, just do a search on the text of the link.)

The programs are licensed under the MIT License.

AVR Timer Parameter Calculator

Calculate the prescaler and number of counts for a simple counter timer.

Twin-T Network Calculator

This program calculates the Fo, R and C values for a twin-t filter network.

HamCalc for Windows

If you've ever had to calculate wavelength, inductance, or capacitance, it can be a nuisance. I've thrown together a Windows program called HamCalc to make it easy! It supports both metric and English units. (Appologies to all the other hamcalcs out there. I couldn't think of a better name.) (Updated Jan. '07 to fix some bugs in the resonance module. Updated June '08 to add a toroids dialog. Updated Oct. '08 to add thermistor dialog.)

UC3906 Calculator

The UC3906 is a Lead-Acid (SLA) or Gel-Cell battery charger controller by Unitrode (Texas Insruments). It is great for a battery charger project, but the calculations required are a bit tedious. This windows program lets you set the various inputs, then calculates the 5 resistances needed in the circuit. (For more information see UC3906 Datasheet and VK3EM's Project (PDF documents.) (Updated July '12 to increase allowable iMax to 10A from 1A.) (Updated 2017-08-26 to fix calculation of Rt, thanks to KM6HXR.)

DLWIN version 1.9.1

There may not be many who remember the DL program I developed in the DOS days when I worked for IBM, but I  have had a few requests for a windows version. I finally implelented a Windows version in 2008. Its a different kind of shell for the contents of a folder, that lets you execute commands on selected files. (Updated Dec. '14 with 2 new features.)

SEARCH version 1.2.0

I couldn't stand the Windows Search landscape anymore so I wrote my own quick and dirty file and folder search.

PMON2 version 1.3.2

This program is used with a dial-up modem to block telemarketing calls. Download the zip file and look at pmon2.html for more information. 2017-04 and 2017-08 update: minor adjustments due to different messages received after switch from land line to VOIP adapter. 2020-02 update: Added option to block calls when caller name is the same as caller number.

The following programs are all Windows command line. I grew up on DOS, and I still  like to do a lot of work on the command line. In case you don't know, you can get a DOS session by creating a shorcut to a program named cmd.

Copynew 1.3.0 for Windows

This is one of my command line programs for Windows that copies "newer" files from one place to another. It is really useful for copying large number of files but only those that have obviously changed. There is more information in the "copynew.txt" file included in the download.  (Added /h option Dec. '08. Automatically exclude system folders June '09.)

Deltree for Windows version 1.1.0

Did you love the DOS deltree command? Can't find it in Windows anymore? Try this one. WARNING: this program deletes files, possibly all the files on a drive! Use with care. Updated 2012-Jan to fix error specifying the root, ie deltree f:\ .

Browse 1.4.0 for Windows

Browse is a Windows command-line file browser program. It is particularly useful for viewing files in character, and hex and character. (To switch to hex view and back, enter the command 'v'.) However, browse cannot handle files greater than 2GB in size. (Updated Jan. '08 to fix some problems with the hex display when the screen width is greater than 80 columns. May '09 to fix a memory allocation error message.)

Directory Display for Windows

DD is a command line directory program which I use as an alternative to the dir command. The command is dd, which is quick and easy to type in. Adapts to long file names, and you can sort by name, date, extension, size. (Updated Aug. '07 to fix a bug sorting long file names, and added a help file. Updated Nov. '07  to add support for consoles wider than 80 columns. Updated Nov. '08 to fix bug with really long paths. Sep. 2012 better compatibilty on 64 bit systems.)

Rotary Encoder demo files

I wrote an article in August 2008 Nuts & Volts titled How to Use the Pushbutton Rotary Encoder. The demo project used a PIC16F84A with a rotary encoder, a one-digit LED display and a buzzer.  Apparently the demo software has become hard to find, so here it is.

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