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My name is Jack Botner and my amateur radio callsign is VE3LNY. The photo shows me installing my 6 meter yagi antenna. (Subsequently removed and replaced with a TV antenna when I cut the cable.)

I have been licensed since 1979 and have been operating out of various locations in the Toronto area (currently FN03hs). Professonally, I am a computer programmer, retired from a large financial institution.

My station consists primarily of an ICOM IC-7300 on HF and an ICOM IC-2730A on VHF/UHF. (I also have an IC-T7A handheld). More on my equipment here.

Since I live on a small city lot, there isn't enough space for antennas. On HF I use a G5RV doublet for 80, 40 and 17 meters, a trap dipole for 12 and 30 meters, and a 1/4 wave vertical on my roof for 10, 15 and 20 meters. I use a 40 foot TV tower to hang my antennas, and have a 6 meter horizontal halo antenna at 30 feet. I also have a J-Pole for local and repeater operation on VHF/UHF, and a discone for VHF/UHF Rx. I must have lucked out with the G5RV, because it loads up on five bands without a tuner.


License for my Code

I am making my programs and embedded source code freely available for any purpose under the MIT License. Use of the programs or code constitutes your agreement, so please check it out, it will only take a minute.

Free Programs

Over the years I have developed many computer programs. You can download some of these from my  Download Page.
pic projects

PIC Projects

Thanks to AmQRP I have learned how to program PICs, which are small, inexpensive programmable microcontrollers from Microchip Technology Inc. Click here for my Pic Microcontroller Projects page.

avr projects

AVR Projects

The AVR series of microcontrollers, from Atmel Corporation (now Microchip) are similar to PICs. Click here for my AVR Microcontroller Projects page.


Other Electronics Projects

Power Controller, Battery Charger, Audio Amplifier, etc.

My Electronics Notebook

About some of the components and test equipment I use.

My Nostalgia Page

Good old stuff.

My Receivers

Some of the many receivers I have owned and used over the years.


Even if competitors' AI products were free, Nvidia's chips would still be better value.
- Jensen Huang

"If A is success in life, then A = x + y + z. Work is x, play is y and z is keeping your mouth shut."
- Albert Einstein (2010)

Thank you for visiting my web page. I am often updating it and adding goodies, so I hope you'll come back again.

73 de VE3LNY