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This feature is for members or potential members only. Use it to either become a new member or to access the services area after having successfully subscribed. Everyone is welcome to apply and all that is required is a demonstrated genuine interest in vintage military communications.

IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER of this Group, please go directly to the 'Sign IN to Access The Wireless Set No. 19 Group' area near the bottom of this page, then enter your Yahoo ID and Password in the Login Form and click the 'Sign In' button.  For example, your Yahoo ID might be "johnsmith" and your password "mypassword".


The Member Services area gives you access to all of the available features, including a  self-help discussion forum, data base, events calendar, photo files and data files. 

There is NO fee and you may unsubscribe at anytime.


NEW MEMBER APPLICATION:  If you are NEW to the Wireless Set No. 19 Group and wish to subscribe, please carefully follow these simple directions.  It is IMPORTANT that you carefully READ and understand the contents of this page.

(Step 1)  Click HERE and complete the brief background information form

The information contained in the completed background information form will serve as a self-introduction to the rest of the Group and, as such, will be read by them.  It also assists us in identifying false or frivolous applications, which we do receive.  Please note that if you are a new member requesting to subscribe to the Wireless Set No. 19 Group it is mandatory that you complete the form.  There are NO exceptions.


(Step 2)  If you are NEW to Yahoo:  AFTER you have completed Step #1, and if you do not have a Yahoo ID (meaning you are NEW to Yahoo) click on "Sign UP" near the bottom of the page after reading all of this page carefully and following the instructions given.  Once you are at the Yahoo Groups page (by clicking "Sign UP"), obtain a Yahoo ID by following the prompts (but ONLY if you are new to Yahoo).  Please read CAREFULLY.  Enter all requested information in order to register with Yahoo Groups and to obtain a Yahoo Identification (ID).  Your name and location (city, country) are required.  SAVE YOUR YAHOO ID AND PASSWORD!

If you are NOT NEW to Yahoo and already have a Yahoo ID, please proceed directly to the "Sign IN" box near the bottom of this page after completing Step #1. 

In all cases you will be given an opportunity to apply for membership in The Wireless Set No. 19 Yahoo Group.  Simply follow the prompts and provide all requested information.  Please note that the "Comments to Owner" area in Yahoo does NOT take the place of Step #1, above.  We still need the Background Information form because the "Comments to Owner" area in Yahoo, being limited to 200 characters, does not contain information sufficient for us to process your application. 


(Step 3) AFTER Steps #1 and #2 have been successfully followed, you will receive an automatic email message providing activation information.  

All of this may sound confusing but it really is not,  if you just read and follow the prompts. 

(If you run into insurmountable problems, as a last resort please email the website owner for assistance but not before you have exhausted all attempts yourself. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.)

Again, please understand that you must have a Yahoo ID in order to become a member with full access to Yahoo features.  We have no control over that requirement.  

The Yahoo facility is NOT the WS#19's website, which is located at  .   Email [email protected] .


All applications are screened and will receive a reply one way or the other within 14 days.

 We continue to get applications wherein only one of the steps is completed, instead of all three, or some required information is missing from the background information form.  Please be aware that if you fail to follow all steps, as outlined above, your subscription request will NOT be approved and we will NOT contact you to request the missing information.  Instead, your application will simply be denied and you will be notified of that fact.  If you do get such a message and you believe it is because you have not completed all of the necessary steps, you are invited to re-apply.


We DO want you as a member so, if you're serious, please make it easy for everyone and give us the information we need 'up front'.  Thank you for your cooperation and for your interest in The ORIGINAL Wireless Set No. 19 Group!!



Provision of applicant's name and the country of residence of all members is a condition of membership.  All information provided is for the Group only.  Every reasonable effort is made to keep that information within the Group. The website owner undertakes not to willfully make any information directly available to anyone outside of the Group. You should not divulge any information that you would not wish other members to see.  Neither the website owner nor any member of the Wireless Set No. 19 Group executive is responsible for improper use, by other members, of information provided by the member applicant.


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