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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the original WS#19 Group, a non-profit organization for those who collect, restore and/or operate vintage military communications gear.  In order to process your application we require the following brief form to be fully completed and submitted.  The "comments" area on the Yahoo sign-up area provides insufficient room for a meaningful reply to this request and does not specify certain required information.

The reason for this form is to confirm a genuine interest in vintage military communications equipment by the applicant.  It's also a screen to determine if the application is genuine or frivolous.  Unfortunately, we do have jokers trying to gain membership and/or cause havoc.  IP addresses are automatically recorded.  Anyone attempting to fraudulently gain access to the Group or to cause mischief will be reported to their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

NO commercial memberships are permitted.  Commercial advertising will be considered.  Contact the site owner at the email address indicated in the last paragraph of this information.

NOTE RE CONFIDENTIALITY:  Nothing being asked herein is in conflict with generally accepted procedures for membership application in other clubs, associations or organizations such as ours.  Fields having a red asterisk * are mandatory and must be completed.  Failure to provide meaningful and/or verifiable input in those fields will result in the application being rejected without recourse. 

All information that you provide below is RESTRICTED to and intended only for the Group and not for distribution outside of it.  However, please note that the information will be shared with the entire Group as your self-introduction.  For that reason, you should not include anything that you would not wish to be 'common knowledge'. 

Additionally, while we have no control over what other members may do with the basic information provided, we are confident that this will not present any problem, nor has any such problem been experienced. 

In fact, the data requested below is rather innocuous and highly unlikely to breach any serious confidence even if it were divulged outside of the Group proper.  If you have concerns, please contact the Group's Internet Services by emailing ve3bdb @  (remove spaces before and after the @ sign).


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Completion of this form is in addition to the requirement to register via Yahoo for the 19 Set Group site.  Please ensure that is done.

Thank you.



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