Wireless Set No. 19 Group
                                                                    c/o 1309 Sunbury Rd, R.R. #2
                                                                    Inverary, Ontario    K0H 1X0
                                                                    13 2248Z Jan 03


Operation Order - "QSL 100"
Ref:    19 Set Gp Voice Net - 12 Jan 03
1.    Situation.  The year 2003 is the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Canadian Signalling Corps (later to became the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals).  At the time of integration of the Canadian Forces in 1968, the RCAF's Telecom Section, the RCN's SIGINT operators and the Radar & Radio Mechs from RCEME joined to form the Canadian Forces Communications and Electronics Branch.  The C&E Branch is holding a number of formal event this year throughout Canada to mark the centenary.  It is fitting that the Wireless Set No. 19 Group also mark this anniversary.
2.    Mission.  The W.S. No. 19 Gp will mark the centenary of military communications in Canada by making 100 QSOs using vintage equipment. 
3.    Execution.
    a.    General Outline.  Throughout the year, various members of the W.S. No. 19 Gp will be authorized to use the VA3WSN callsign.  Contacts made will be acknowledged by a special, serial numbered, centenary QSL card (sample attached).  Each participating member will have the callsign for one month at a time and will make eight to nine QSOs during that period.  WWII vintage equipment must be used.
    b.    Participating Stations
            (1)    VA3ORP - January, May, September
            (2)    VE3CBK - February, June, October
            (3)    VE3BDB - March, July, November
            (4)    VE3BBN - April, August, December
            (5)    (others may be added, dates may be amended)
    c.    Coordinating Instructions
            (1)    Dates - 1 Jan - 30 Dec 2003
            (2)    Band - any
            (3)    Mode - W/T or R/T
            (4)    Equipment - any WWII vintage equipment may be used
            (5)    Exchange - name, C/S, RST
            (6)    Reports - QSO details to be submitted to VA3ORP at end of each month
            (7)    Financial - participants are requested to contribute to cost of postage ($15 each)  
4.    Service Support
    a.    VA3ORP will prepare and distribute the QSL Cards.
    b.    VE3BDB will post running log of activity on the website
    c.    VA3ORP will submit brief article to RAC for inclusion in TCA.
Command and Signal.
5.    David Lawrence, VA3ORP, is responsible for this operation.  He may be reached at 1309 Sunbury Rd, R.R. #2, Inverary ON, K0H 1X0; telephone (613) 387-2094; email [email protected].  In his absence, Chris Bisaillion, VE3CBK, shall take charge.  He may be reached at 1324 Old Carp Rd, Kanata ON, K2K 1X7; telephone (613) 592-2008; email [email protected].
D.G. Lawrence, VA3ORP
NCS, W.S. No. 19 Gp
Distribution List
Action                Info
VA3ORP            19 Set Gp members
VE3CBK            Dir C&E Museum



VA3WSN Log of Contacts for Operation QSL 100

VA3WSN QSL Card - Front

VA3WSN QSL Card - Back

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