BC-375E Bibliography

Government Publications
  1. “Instruction book for Operation and Maintenance of Radio Transmitter BC-375E and associated equipment”, Army Air Forces Technical Order No. 08-10-139, Jan 5, 1943
    - The “bible” for operating and maintaining the BC-375E transmitter. (See reference 33 for an electronic version available on-line)

  2. “Technical Manual, Radio Transmitter BC-191-A, BC-191-B, BC-191-C, BC-191-D, BC-191-E and BC-AA-191”, War Department, TM 11-800, Nov 12, 1942 
    - The “bible” for operating and maintaining the BC-191 transmitter.

  3. “Schematic Manual for Surplus Electronic Equipment, Volume 1”, Department of Commerce, Office of Technical Services, FB No. 98487 
    - Schematics for BC-191 transmitter and transmitter/receiver combos; SCR-177-B (with BC-312 & BC-314 receiver), SCR-188-A (with BC-342 receiver) and SCR-193 (with BC-312 receiver)

Amateur Radio Publications
  1. “Conversion Diagrams”, R & M Radio Company, Radio Amateur and Industrial Electronic Supplies, Arlington, Virginia 
    - Contains an interesting article on using the BC-375E driven by SCR-274N components.

  2. “Surplus Schematic Handbook”, by Kenneth B. Grayson, W2HDM, December 1959, Cowan Publishing Corp  
    - BC-375E Schematic only

  3. “Surplus Conversion Handbook”, by Tom Kneitel, K3FLL/WB2AAI, 1964, Cowan Publishing Corp 
    - Not very useful, contains 2 page disassembly of BC-375E and re-use article.

  4. “Surplus Radio Conversion Manual, Volume 2” by R.C. Evenson & O.R. Beach, 1948, Editors & Engineers Ltd. 
    - Useful article on operation on ham bands (including conversion to 20 meters of the TU-10B)
    and driving with SCR-274N transmitter for stability and increased power output.
  1. “Surplus Radio Conversion Manual, Volume 3” by William Orr, 1960, Published by Editors and Engineers Ltd. 
    - Not very useful, just a gut and convert to modulator article.

  2. “The Radio Handbook, 11th edition”, 1947, Published by Editors and Engineers Ltd. 
    - Not very useful, another just gut and convert to modulator article.

  3. “The Radio Handbook, 12th edition”, 1949, Published by Editors and Engineers Ltd. 
    - Not very useful, article on re-using the BC-375E antenna relay and heavy duty ceramic switch.

Amateur Radio Magazines
        The following information was taken from Roy E. Pafenberg’s, W4WKM “Index to Surplus” and lists all BC-375E  related articles from QST, CQ, 
73 Magazine, Radio Electronics and Electronics World published between 1945 through 1961. Comments are Pafenberg's, not mine.

  1.  “A Bandswitching, Low Cost 400 Watt Linear”, Howard L. Morrison, W7ESM, CQ magazine, May 1961
    - Liberal use of the BC-375E and Command Set transmitter components keeps this amplifier in the budget class.
  1. “150 Watts on CW for 80-40 and 20”, Norman S. Howard, W1JBV, CQ magazine, May 1960
    - This commercial appearing transmitter makes extensive use of BC-375E parts.

  2. “A 6 Input Coaxial Switch”, Ken “Judge” Glanzer, K7GCO, CQ magazine, July 1959
    - BC-375 Tuning Unit tap switch is the heart of this heavy duty antenna switch.

  3. “Table Top Linear”, N.R. McLaughlin, W3LNT/KH6, CQ magazine, January 1959
    - This 900 watt PEP amplifier uses BC-375E components and five 837 tubes.

  4. “High Power Mobile”, Joseph Marshall, W3SNA, CQ magazine, May 1957
    - BC-375E parts and fan-belt driven PE-73 team up for this high power mobile operation.

  5. “The O-T Transmitter”, G.L. Countryman, W3HH, CQ magazine, September 1955
    - Extensive use of BC-375E tuning unit parts is made in the medium power triode final.

  6. “My ‘Final’ Exciter”, Carlton G. Rich, W8ZYG, CQ magazine, December 1954
    - This Beat Frequency Exciter uses a BC-375E tuning unit as a foundation and enclosure.

  7. “A Bandswitching 813 Rig with Pi-Section Output”, Robert M.Resconsin, W1TRF, QST magazine, June 1954
    - An extremely popular transmitter which uses many Bc-375E components.

  8. “Capacitance of BC-375-E Tuning Condensers”, W.E. McCormick, W5KMA, QST magazine, September 1951
    - Handy identification chart for these unmarked surplus units.

  9. “A VHF Frequency Meter”, David Birnbaum, W3PGP, QST magazine, October 1950
    - BC-375 tuning unit serves as the enclosure for a versatile instrument.

  10. “Antenna Tuner from the BC-375E”, R.J. Rodenbo, W8YPG, CQ magazine, February 1950
    - How to use the BC-375E antenna coupling circuit and components as a universal antenna matching unit.

  11. “Low Drift Condensers from the BC-375E”, R.V.McGraw, W2LYH, QST magazine, October 1949
    - A source of low temperature coefficient units for your VFO.

  12. “Antenna Switch from the BC-375E”, C. Vernon Chambers, W1JEQ, QST magazine, August 1949
    - Heavy duty unit serves as the station antenna switch.

  13. “A New Low-Cost Transmitter”, Carlton G. Rich, W8ZYG, Radio Electronics, June 1949
    - 75 watt VFO rig covers 80-40 and 20 meters. Extensive use is made of BC-375E parts.

  14. “The BC-375E strips for Action”, Jim Kirk, W6DEG, CQ magazine, May 1949
    - This reasonable conversion of the BC-375E uses an 826 in the final.

  15. “A Modern Variable Frequency Oscillator”, Robert C. Merryman, W3FBB, Radio & Television News, December 1948
    - A modern VFO unit built around the TU-6B tuning unit.

  16. “Ten Meter Final from TU-10B”, L.W.May, W5AJG, Radio Electronics, November 1948
    - A simple, 200 watt final which uses this surplus tuning unit as the foundation.

  17. “A Surplus-Parts Bandswitching Transmitter”, C. Vernon Chambers, W1JEQ, QST magazine, September and October 1948
    - Construction details of a 7 band, 150 watt transmitter from surplus, BC-375E tuning unit parts are used extensively.

  18. “Transmitter-Receiver from Surplus Tuner”, C.E. Clark, W1KLS, Radio News, November 1947
    - A TU-6B is used to house this 1 tube transmitter and 2 tube receiver.

  19. “A Variable Frequency Oscillator”, Robert W. Field, W4KAP, Radio News, September 1947
    - A 3.5 to 4.0 Mhz VFO, of good construction, using the TU-5B tuning unit.

  20. “An Inexpensive Crystal Substitute”, Harold W. Harrison, W5DFZ, QST magazine, July 1947
    - Construction details on a VFO using a BC-375E tuning unit.

  21. “What about the BC-375E ?”, Richard M. Smith, W1FTX, QST magazine, December 1946
    - Circuits details, discussion and conversion data. Original schematic is not provide
Other References
  1. "Electric Radio in Uniform, The BC-375", Electric Radio #13, May 1990, page 4

  2. "Taming the BC-375" Electric Radio #109, May 1998, page 6
Electric Radio
PO Box 582
Pine, Colorado
On-line Resources   
  1. BC-375E transmitter manual is available at KG7BZ's web site: BC-375E manual.

  2. Manual for BC-224 F and BC-348 H-K-L-R receiver commonly used with the BC-191 and BC-375 transmitters is available at N7JP's web site: BC-224-F and BC-348 H-K-L-R manual

  3. Manual for the BC-348 J-N-Q receiver commonly used with the BC-375 transmitter is available at N7JP's web site: BC-348 J-N-Q manual

  4. Interesting article on BC-224 and BC-348 receivers by Ken Corwin is available at Ken Corwin's BC-224 and BC-348 article

  5. Manual for the ART-13 transmitter, successor of the BC-375E,  is available at the N7JP's web site: ART-13 Manual

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