Military Radio Links

  1. VE3FAB's web site:  a very interesting site that has a complete B24 radio installation (including the BC-375E) as well as other related boat anchor stuff.
  2. Signals Collection 40' - 45' web site:  has a large collection of World War 2 radio equipment (including BC-375E and accessories) from many nations.
  3. Fred Chesson's web site:  loaded with a ton of stuff like the pre-1944 Signal Corps identification for BC-xxx and SCR- xxx coded equipment,  radio installation list of the Enola Gay, VT tube identification, etc.
  4. Ray Robinson web site: loaded with very useful information on SCR-274N / ARC-5 command sets as well as Australian and British military radios.
  5. NJ7P web site: loaded with on-line military manuals and tons of useful data.
  6. KG7BZ web site: useful site full of WW2 vintage manuals on-line.
  7. Clandestine Radio Site: very comprehensive site by Peter McCollum on spy radios.
  8. WS-19 Radio Site: very interesting site by VE3BDB on this popular tank radio.
  9. Military Equipment List: very detailed site useful for identifying radio installation components by AN, SCR, etc. numbers.
  10. Signal Corps Museum:  definitely worth visiting the historical signal equipment section.
  11. Zeno's Warbirds web site: features a BC-375E radio set-up on an early B29.
  12. WB6BZH web site: features a SCR-274N installation on a B26.
  13. Hammond web site: has brief description of BC-375E.


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