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Welcome to the Website of  VE1XYL and VE1ALQ


Updating of this Site is on going as time permits, bear with me please, there may be error's and broken links????, Thanks Darrell

Following a number of request here it is LATEST TS-2000 Firmware want to learn how to install it????

Here is a Power supply schematic that has been in use since 1969, Bill of Material in PDF.  BOM1, BOM2 These are small (ENLARGE) Layout is here, BOM here in HTML, BOM1, only 1 file required, save page as???? when opened
Toroid Inductance Calculator  ON LINE Calculator, calculating wire length and size will follow soon I hope


Here are a few of the stations I have worked over the years on eme

This site is dedicated to Both Family and Friends, as well as Amateur Radio please see here

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