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IOTA News & Updates

October 12-14 2018 ...

Roger Balister, G3KMA, announced that at the 2018 RSGB Convention 6 new IOTA groups that would be
added to the IOTA Directory.
The new IOTAs are as follows:
EU-192 [SM/OH] - Kataja Island (Finland/Sweden)
OC-297 [FO] - Morane Atoll (Tuamotu, French Polynesia)
NA-249 [KP3] - Puerto Rico's Coastal Islands
NA-250 [KL] - Yakutat County Group, Coastal Groups (Alaska)
AS-204 [R0F] - Kuril'skiye Island North
AS-205 [R0X] - Bering Sea Coast East

November 30, 2014 ...

The IOTA Committee has been made aware that Dino Island no longer meets the requirements laid
down for qualification for IOTA and has decided that it should be withdrawn from EU-144 with
effect from 1 January 2015. The distance separating the island from the mainland has reduced
as the beach area gradually encroached into the channel and is now significantly less than the
required 200 metres. Credit will continue to be given for contacts with Dino made before 1
January 2015. The Committee has agreed to regard the following additional islets as counting for
EU-144: Isca Maggiore, Isca Minore, Furmiculi Rocks, Godano and Mantineo - see the Italian
Islands Award (IIA) list at for the exact locations.

October 2014 ...

IOTA NEWS: IOTA AND CRIMEA ---> IOTA Management has decided that, given the unresolved political
situation in Crimea, it has no course open to it except, for a period initially of one year, to
freeze certain actions connected with Crimea that it would normally take in the routine management
of the IOTA programme. This means that it will not accept or issue credit for EU-180 operations
taking place after 17 March 2014 that use a non-Ukrainian callsign, or accede to any requests from
programme participants for update of their records or changes of callsign and/or checkpoint that
involve a change of DXCC entity. The Committee will review the situation after one year in the light
of developments. IOTA Management regrets taking this action but it accords with practice adopted

IOTA NEWS: NEW GROUP NUMBERS CONFIRMED  ---> Following the receipt of validation material several
new IOTA group numbers have been confirmed with the result that credits can be given for the
operations in brackets: AS-200 (several JA5 stations), AS-201 (TA0/DF8DX), EU-191 (YP0F), NA-247
(PJ7PK) and OC-294 (VK6ISL).

IOTA NEWS: WITHDRAWAL OF AN-014 ---> Berkner Island, the sole qualifying island of AN-014, has been
on the IOTA list since the very start of the IOTA Programme. It was regularly shown on maps as a
large island, albeit covered with a layer of very thick ice, separating the Ronne Ice Shelf from
the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf. Some contacts were made by LU1ZX from the old General Belgrano III
Base on the island more than 30 years ago - no more than a handful are credited on the IOTA
database. The remote possibility of a second operation that might be mounted at huge expense has
caused IOTA Management to review the retention of Berkner Island on the list. In recent years there
have been authentic reports from the scientific community that Berkner Island is an ice-rise and
that no part of the land-mass under it would be above water if there were no ice. This seems to have
gathered credence with map-makers as the considered view of the scientific community. Faced with
information that confirms that the ice-rise does not meet IOTA's qualification rules as a valid
island IOTA Management have taken the decision to withdraw AN-014 from the IOTA list with immediate
effect before any further operation takes place. The few existing credits will be withdrawn no later
than 1 January 2015.

Roger Balister, G3KMA


ELEVEN NEW IOTA GROUPS were announced at IOTA's 50th Anniversary Convention, held in Windsor,
England over the weekend 4 to 6 July 2014. Some result directly from the rule changes announced in
the latest IOTA Directory, published in May 2014 (a note of the main changes can be seen at IOTA
Rule Changes 2014 on

All new groups have provisional numbers. This means that they will need to be confirmed by an
operation taking place after 5 July 2014 that meets the 1000 QSO and other normal validation
requirements. Only after confirmation of the number will credit for past operations be considered.
Most of the new groups have not seen a previous amateur radio operation. Where however there has
been an operation with contacts credited to an IOTA group, IOTA Management will at some point
arrange transfers of credits to the new group if it has clear - cut information covering all
operations in the old group. In two cases this may not be possible.

The addition of these new groups necessitates in some cases the renaming of the titles of existing
groups and amendment of the 'co-ordination boxes' as currently appearing in the new Directory. 'A'
and 'W' refer to the regional awards as shown in the Directory.

In summary:
AF-118P (CN) Mediterranean Sea Coast group (=Jaegerschmidt, Los Farallones)
34°59-35°56N 002°13-006°15W

AF-119P (S7) Coetivy Island (=Coetivy) 06°58-07°18S 056°08-056°25E

AS-200P (JA5) Shikoku's Coastal Islands (=[islands to be listed])
32°40-34°35N 132°00-134°52E

AS-201P (TA) Sea of Marmara Islands (=Avsa [aka Turkeli], Imrali, Marmara, Pasalimani, Prince Isls
[namely Burgazada, Buyukada, Heybeliada, Kasik, Kinaliada, Sedef, Sivriada, Tavsan, Yassiada])
40°18-41°04N 026°10-029°31E

AS-202P (A9) Hawar Islands (=Hawar Isls [namely Hawar, Rabad al Gharbiyar, Rabad ash Sharqiyah,
Suwad al Janubiyah, Suwad ash Shamliyah]) 25°32-25°47N 050°41-050°51E

AS-203P (R0X) Shelikhova Bay group (=Dobrzhanskogo, Konus, Rovnyy, Skala, Tretiy, Zubchatyy)
59°00-62°41N 159°40-165°05E

EU-190P (RI1FJ) Viktoriya Island (=Viktoriya) 80°05-80°12N 036°30-037°10E

EU-191P (YO, UR) Fericirii Island (=Fericirii) 45°09-45°13N 029°45-029°47E

NA-247P (PJ7) Sint Maarten's Coastal Islands (=Guana Key of Pelikan, Molly Beday [aka Mal Aborder])
18°00-18°04N 062°57-063°10W

NA-248P (VE8, VY0) NWT (Melville Island) group (=Borden, Brock, Eglinton, Emerald, Mackenzie King,
Melville, Prince Patrick) 74°20-78°50N 105°00-123°30W

OC-296P (T8) Tobi and Helen Islands (=Helen, Tobi) 02°40-03°10N 131°00-132°00E

Roger Balister, G3KMA
11 July 2014

The following operations in the period June/July 2013 have provided acceptable validation and are
therefore approved for IOTA credit:
* FO/UT6UD (OC-027 & OC-050)
* H44IND (OC-158)
* HQ8D (NA-223)
* HQ8S (NA-035)
* K6VVA/KL7 (NA-152)
* T46C (NA-204)
* YB3MM/7 (OC-166)
* YP13S (EU-183)

The following operations in the period May/June 2013 have provided acceptable validation and are
therefore approved for IOTA credit:
* H44AJ (OC-285) & H44S (OC-285)
* HQ3W (NA-160)
* YB8P (OC-208)
* YB8RW/P (OC-236)
OC-285 is now confirmed as a valid IOTA group.

The following operations in the period March to May 2013 have provided acceptable validation and
are therefore approved for IOTA credit:
* A35UD (OC-049)
* DX8DX (OC-174 & OC-225)
* SU8N (AF-109)
* TS8TI (AF-083)
* V31HU (NA-180), V31MV (NA-180) & V32EE (NA-180)
* XF2E (NA-171)
* YB6N (OC-161)
AF-109 is now confirmed as a valid IOTA group.

The following operations in the period February/March 2013 have provided acceptable validation and
are therefore approved for IOTA credit:
* HK0/F6BFH (NA-033 & NA-049), HK1/F6BFH (SA-040).
* T47RRC (NA-086), T46RRC & T46T (NA-204), T48RRC (NA-218)

The following operations in the period October 2012/January 2013 have provided acceptable validation
and are therefore approved for IOTA credit:
* RA4HKM/0 (AS-025)
* C6AVA (NA-048 & NA-054)
* YB4IR/5 (OC-075)
* L22D (SA-022)
* LU6W (SA-096)
Note: SA-096 is now confirmed as a valid IOTA group.


IOTA EU-155: Back in October 2011 the RSGB IOTA Manager reported that "following information
received from a local operator in Italy that the only two islands listed as qualifying for EU-155,
Baron and Scanno di Piallazza, no longer existed, we would not be accepting for credit any new
operations claiming to take place from EU-155 pending a final check. This has now been carried out
and it confirms the report. Under IOTA rules we have no option but to withdraw EU-155 from the list
of valid IOTA groups and to amend scores down. However we have noted that the Po Delta is a
remarkably fragile natural environment with a varying sedimentation rate influenced by river flow,
tide and storm and have not ruled out the possibility of one of the islands reforming in time. In
the circumstances, we have decided to remove EU-155 credit from all scores on 1 September 2012 but
to retain the QSO information on the database in a non-counting format in case the situation should
change. We will review the position periodically.
In the meantime, while credit will not be given for new operations, we will allow credit for
pre-October 2011 operations for certificate purposes only in applications received before 1
September 2012".
[Roger Balister, G3KMA, RSGB IOTA Manager]

                                      IOTA AND ANTARCTIC BASES

The Mediterraneo DX Club's Antarctica Award Directory is the official source of information for the
IOTA Programme on Antarctic Base stations. It acts as an extension of the IOTA Directory, providing
the IOTA reference number as well as a wealth of detailed historical information on each base. The
Directory is downloadable from the MDXC website at -
Answers to questions about the Antarctic Award Programme can be found on the FAQ page on their

                                       *** NEW CHECKPOINTS ***

May 09, 2015 -
The following checkpoint changes apply with immediate effect:

For applicants in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands:
   ON4CAS, Egbert Hertsen, Postbus 85, B-2800 Mechelen 2, BELGIUM.
   E-mail: egbert.hertsen[@]

For applicants in Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece (including Crete and the Dodecanese),
Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia:
   9A2EU, Zlatko Maticic, Jure Petrekovica 30, HR-10290 Zapresic, CROATIA.
   E-mail: zmaticic[@]

For applicants in England (all G & M call-numbers except Ø), Gibraltar, Ireland, Malta,
and all Africa and Asia except Japan & the CIS countries:
   BRS-8841, Robert S Small, 13 Rydal Close, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1QX,
   E-mail: ray[@]

For applicants in Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia:
   HA5WA, George Szabadkay, Pottyos u. 8. I/6., 1098 Budapest, HUNGARY.
   E-mail: geos[@]

For applicants in Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira):
   CT1ZW, Julio Ramiro Braz Mateiro, Rua Francisco Abreu Sousa 199,
   P-3720-340 Oliveira de Azemeis, PORTUGAL.
   E-mail: ct1zw[@]

For applicants in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania:
  SP6BOW, Augustyn Wawrzynek, UL. Wojciecha Korfantego 5B M. 1, 47-232 Kedzierzyn-Kozle 12, POLAND.
	E-mail: sp6bow[@]

For applicants in the West Pacific area (Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines and
Pacific islands [excluding French and US territories]):
  VK5CE, Craig Edwards, PO Box 2160, Goolwa SA 5214, AUSTRALIA.
	E-mail: vk5ce[@]