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London Paralympic Games Wheelchair-Tennis
Handi - Ham Links

Amateur Radio for the Blind  by NU7I
American Foundation For The Blind
AT&T Natural Voices  Text to Speech System (TTS)
Audio Beacon for the Blind  Assistive Technology
Avery's QTH Column
Blind Friendly Ham Amateur Radio  List of blind friendly radios, updated March 2005
Blind Friendly Ham Amateur Radio Manuals  radio manuals, Ham information and resources
Blind-Hams Mailing List at
Blind Related Links
Blind Resources Page
Camp Courage - Burnsville
Camp Courage - Duluth
Camp Courage - Golden Valley
Camp Courage - Lake George, Minnesota
Camp Courage - Maple Lake, Minnesota
Canadian Hearing Society
CNIB - Canadian National Institute for the Blind
CNIB Amateur Radio Program
Courage Camps  Camp Courage North
Courage Center Volunteer Opportunities
Courage Center Volunteer Services
Courage Forest Lake
Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
Courage Saint Croix  Stillwater, MN
Disability Resources on the Internet
Eau Claire, WI -  Amateur Radio Club
Ham and "Sheez" Group  Supporting Handi-Hams
Handi-Ham Audio Page
Handi-Ham BlogSpot
Handi-Ham EchoLink Net
Handi-Ham Home Page
Handi-Ham Nets
Handi-Ham QSL Bureau  Purpose & how to use, by 3905 Century Club
Handi-Ham Radio Camp
Handi-Ham Video Page
Handi-Ham Volunteer Opportunities
Handi-Ham System - About?
Handi-Ham System Membership  How to join the group
Handi-Ham World Weekly E-Letter
Handi-Ham Yahoo Group
How Hams Help Hams With Unusual Needs Get On The Air  by Patrick, WA0TDA
International Braille Chess Association (IBCA)  The game of chess for blind and visually impaired
KB1HJ's Handi-Hams Page
Media Access Group at WGBH  Providing access to media for people with disabilities
Narrative Television Network (NTN)  TV, movies for blind and visually impaired people
Newsline for the Blind  Read newspapers by telephone
Repeater Directories  by ArtSci
Some Comments on Code and Disabilities
Stillwater Amateur Radio Association (SARA)  Handiham affiliated club
The Knowledge To Make Dreams Come True  by Rick, KB0QPY
True Friends  Provide life-changing experiences for children and adults with disabilities.
UK Audio Network  Audio based website with navigation done through a standard keyboard
United States Braille Chess Association
Vasantha 4S6KV's Home Page
Yahoo Disability Links

Paralympics -
2O12L - London Paralympics Amareur Radio Station 27 July - 09 September 2012
British Paralympic Association
International Paralympic Committee
London Paralympic Games 2012
Paralympics Ontario
U.S.A. Paralympics Team Official Site

Special Olympics -
Special Olympics Canada
Special Olympics Ontario, Canada
Special Olympics Public Website
Special Olympics Toronto, Ontario, Canada