Live Propagation and Solar Data











Solar X-rays:                         

                                                                                                                                                                                   Geomagnetic Field:


        Tropospheric Ducting 6-days Forecast - Europe           Tropospheric Ducting 6-days Forecast - North America     



     Real Time Ionospheric T-index - Global Map                           Real Time Ionospheric foF2 - Global Map

          (the T-index can be regarded as an "equivalent sunspot number")                                  (the highest frequency of radio signal that may be reflected back by the F2 layer)                         

               VOACAP - Daily Propagation Prediction Map by Location and Band
















    DXMAPS - All Bands Real-Time QSO Maps                                                            PSK REPORTER - Real-Time Signal Reports


          Sunspot Number - Last 13 years and Forecast                                                    Sunspot Number per Day


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