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The Internet is powerful and I understand the importance of your privacy. Maintaining your right to privacy is of paramount importance to me, therefore I give you this assurance. My Website does not collect any personal information from the Site's visitors. And hence - by default - it is in compliance with COPPA.

Note: This does not apply to information entered into my Guestbook as this is strictly considered as public domain. Anyone who enters my site has the ability to read the information you have entered. If any violation of privacy rules is reported, you can send an email to me and the offending messages will be deleted forthwith.

The contents of this web site is for informational purposes only. The collection of web sites are presented as a PUBLIC SERVICE. The owner of this site is not responsible for the contents of those web sites and is not liable for any damages of any kind which may result to the user from the use of those websites. Awards given to me by other sites will be posted and linked back to that site. I cannot be responsible for sending my visitors to those sites, where personal information may be obtained.

I wish to inform that some of the articles in this website are copied from some other websites and images used within these pages are believed to be of public domain and will be removed immediately if any copyright laws have been violated. The award graphics this site has won are the copyrighted graphics of the respective site owners.

Under no circumstance will My website transfer, sell any information given by the users in the form of E-mail, information provided for display purpose etc., to any third party. My website cannot guarantee any information on this web site will remain secured, due to circumstances which are beyond my control.

This is a personal website, it is not associated with any business or commercial enterprise, nor is it associated with any group or organisation. I am not selling anything and am not making any financial benefit from this site.

Friends, it was a great pleasure for me to learn to create a website for myself. I really enjoyed it. Well! I think, every kind of creation - irrespective of its standard, is accomplished not only by the creator himself; but also with the help of many others who are behind the curtain. Many of my friends have given me a hand of help while creating this website, directly and indirectly. It would not have been possible for me to create my website without their genuine, timely help. Here I would like to express my gratitude towards those who helped me directly or indirectly.

I am still learning Web Designing; and will always keep learning. I have to say that my English is not good, but I have done this website with great guidance of my good friend Mr.Mohamed Salih. If anything you didn't like, or if it was not up to the standard, please let me take the whole responsibility of my shortcomings. If you like something in my website, kindly credit it to the following people whom I have acknowledged below.

I will try to reform myself

Special Thanks To The Following

Mr.Mohamed Salih ( : I regularly keep troubling Mohamed Salih for solving any technical or even otherwise problems regarding my site; which are out of my control. He has been a great support for me.

Mr.Nowfel Ismail: I began learning Web Designing from Nowfel Ismail.

Mr.Hassan Naina, Mr.Firdous & Mr.Hafil Abubacker: They - time and again - provide me valuable suggestions regarding the contents of this Website.

All Ham Radio Operators who contributed information.

The applet used in my Welcome page is taken from

Scripts: Some of the scripts have been taken from &

Some images in this website are designed by Mohamed Salih & Nowfel Ismail.

Most of the backgrounds - gif and jpg - used on my web pages were taken from other websites.

All articles are gathered from various sources.

The applets used in this website is taken from the following websites:

Islam Denounces Terrorism flash file is taken from

Allah, Last Breath and Never Alone flash files is taken from

India Independence Day Greetings flash file is taken from

Muslims Against Terrorism flash file is taken from

Most of the urls listed in the Software Site info page was gathered from The Hindu (Netspeak Column; Author - Mr.J.Murali).


Zakat Calculation taken from

Tamil Muslim (UK) -

Thirukkural flash file taken from -

Ms. Rasida Haja -

India Vision 2020 flash file taken from -

Tamil Song taken from Ulagath Tamil Oasai -

Tamil Articles taken from Dinamani Tamil Newspaper -

India Is My Motherland (Tamil) song sung by students of the MARO, Kayalpattinam.

Islamic Songs taken from,,, &

I would like to thank all the websites who have kindly provided the free applications that have been used on this website.

All the visitors and contributors: And finally, THANKS A LOT to all the visitors who visited my site, who contributed something or the other to my site and who offered me their esteemed awards. Thanks for sparing your valuable time.


I Welcome Your Participation: Help would be most appreciated to proof-read the site and identify non-reliable links.

Something that is right in this website is due to the Mercy of Almighty Allah and all in-corrections and shortcomings are on my own part.

Masha'Allah La Qoowata Illa Billah "God Will Be Done! There is no Power But with God"

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