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R9Z expedition was organized by ACDXA "Advanced Communication DX Association", P.O.Box 1, Barnaul 656057, USSR and White Water Rafting Company ,,ALTOUR", Chkalov Str. 89, Barnaul 656099, USSR, tel-fax 3852-230369. We sailed down the Katun river - class 4 white water - covering more than 300 kms using one big raft and two catamarans with our equipment aboard; a homemade TRCVR, a 200 W PA, gasoline generator, 3-el monoband Yagi for 20 m and a 2-el Quad for 15 and 10 m, 12 m high, and an inv. V for 40 and 80 m at a height of 13 m.
Our team included 8 ham operators and 2 TV operators shooting a video film of wild, wonder­ful nature of the Altai mountains. At the stops we set up our radio stn. working abt. 5000 QSOs with 100 foreign countries in CW and SSB, mostly with Europe and Asia - high mountains preventing us form working North Amerian stns. (AUGUST 03-19, 1990).
Many thanks to UW9YW, RA9YD, RA9YA, UA9YE and UA9ZAR for making the expedition possible. Our special thanks to EUDXF and Dl9SC for handling and printing our QSLs.

As it is customary, the impressed people, have not one occupation, and a little. Such two entrainments - HAM radio and water tourism, have collected this group of the guys from miscellaneous is corner Russia. The pioneer of this expedition became Sergey Shepelin from Izhevsk.

To be alloyed on the river Katun dream each starting water tourist, and for the radio amateur to work special call sign, moreover from poorly introduced in a Air of a zone UA9Z, too is honorary and it is interesting. Most composite in this business was to type a command from the radio amateurs, which one had even initial experience of alloy on the mining rivers.

Practically all problems on organization of expedition were decided in a air on frequency 7098 kHz at 17.00 GMT on mediums. A structure of expedition here was finally defined, the responsibilities - one were arranged the manufacturing of instrumentation was entrusted, by other - antennas etc. All us 10 persons departed to travel: UA4WAR - Sergey Shepelin (Izhevsk), RA3QI - Leo Petruhin (Voronezh), RB5NG - Michael Pospelov (Vinnitsa), UA4WEV- Alexandr (Glazov), UA4WGW - Sergey Klyanchenko (Izhevsk), UA9UBN - Volodya Katalkin (Novokuznetsk), UW9YV - Victor Isakov (Barnaul), RA3PU - Gena Anpilogov (Tula), and cameramen from Voronezh Boris and Anatoli.

We have received call sign R9Z.

Occurring have assigned on August 1 in Barnaul, but almost all have met and have acquainted hardly earlier - in a train Moscow - Barnaul. There also descended "spevka", but it is a separate history. Have met us hospitably RA9YA, RA9YD, UW9YV, UW9YW, have settled in local RTS, where we prepared, checked up and customized tourist and radio-equipment. Were tested three-element "Yagi" for 20 m, " a double square " on 15 and 10 m made accordingly RB5NG and RA3QI. For the main mast 4 elbows were selected 10" of a tube -, the jigger mast under "I.V" and "Sloper" - what thin army ~15 m was turned on block bearing - arm for the basis. The transceiver UW3DI -I., PA on 2xGU-50, PA on GU-34, SWR-METER, key and there are a lot of any smalls - have collected for the Barnaul radio amateurs. Worthy "shtuchka" was is 1,5 kw gasoline generator "KAWASAKI", at the consumption of 2,5 l per hour gave 110 v., and the sewing machine is transferred by one person as.

Further I shall retell (with the additions " #S.K. " And photo) diary of our chief Sergey  Shepelin.  (see. Radio magazin # 3, 1991)

So, by August 3 all was off-the shelf to departing. We should on the bus reach up to Gorno-Altaisk, then to fly by aircraft in Usti-Koksa, index point of a route.
#S.K.- I want separately to mark HAM solidarity and mutual assistance. Even it is difficult to present as it would be possible all "to dock" and to agree to transfer such mountain "Ferri lactas", gum, backpacks, but the colleagues the radio amateurs and simplly condoling helped. In item. In Maima one HAM (unfortunately I do not remember a name and call sign) has placed all with itself at home, has permitted to organize r/station (though on tomorrow for him the wedding) is assigned. Then in an airport have customized Yak-40 where it was convenient, (the poor passengers jumped on tubes).

August 4-6. Hour of flight and we in Usti-Koksa. The airport at a level - horse taxi, in local rack at once was possible "to be accumulated" by cigarettes on all route (in Barnaul of cigarettes at all was not). Have lain about village "October" on a coast of the river Katun. One very good grandfather has allowed us to organize engineering directly for his(its) kitchen garden, moreover has given line 220 v., it has allowed us to include PA on GU -34 (once for all expedition). On the mast we set up only double square on 21 and 28 mHz. The second antenna on 3,5 and 7 mHz "I .V". we put completely. We leave in a air and at once - Pile UP. We work on 21 mHz, in the main QSO's with Europe, JA and U, but come up and 5B4, BV2, YB, LU, PY, VK.. We begin to work on 14 Mhz - go W, VK, 9M8, CE, it is a lot of JA. In the evening sked on 7 Mhz with RA9YA and on 3,5 Mhz with UW9YW.
#S.K. Generally, our activity on a band has called small stock-jobbing in a village, all night was flashed by light, and for a morning was a lot of curious. Here maiden losses - someone from the boys already have begun has stolen the camera, him it is not a pity, and the staff there were very valuable.

horse taxi
Have lain about village
R9Z Antennas

August 7-8. It is raining, we solve to move on place, to starting point, where the germans, americans which have arrived on the permits of the tourist "Altur" corporation also make dispositions for alloy austrians. The disassembly and assembly of instrumentation on a new place descends much faster, the truth on the mast we put only three-element YAGI on 20 m, INV.V. is pulled on on a birch. For the first time we work from a generator. One hitch of the handle - and already is light. Pace in a Air still good, there is a lot of Europe, JA, DX of stations. We acquaint with international group from "Altour" closer.
Unfortunately radio amateurs among them no, some seriously have interested in radio communication. Outcome of the maiden stage of activity - about 3000 QSO.

August 9. We are sent in a path on the river under a drench. From beach mixed language cry following, wish good luck, ask at rest to spark a chock more more. They leave behind us. This day on water all is quiet, the thresholds no, though flow rather strong - about 10 kms. Per hour.
#S.K. A place whence we have departed to a path the unique geographic phenomenon is called Uimons steppe -. Among the Altay mountains the theoretically equal surface of lengthy 30 width 5 kms opens. - peculiar Altay oasis, and around small-sized villages are sparse.  At the end of day we moor in the agreed place. We prepare parking, we wait other groups. For the first time is not turned about station.

August 10-11. These days are dedicated to alloy. About HAM radio resemble only written on helmets of jingle. On the river us the severe interrupting - stage of  thresholds " Akkem tube " waits. At first we spend reconnaissance from beach. Then we are slid in a path. Raft passes successfully. The catamarans manage less successfully. The high water arbors flush away two members of expedition. They are selected on beach without our help, though the insurance in place .. Parking for a lockin in Katun of the river Argut we reach without adventures. Here on a finger Argut some kind of tourist Mecca. Place is permanently held by tents. But the place is and for us. The guys from "Altur" leave forward, and we remain for two days. The peculiar museum open-air is here too organized, that there only no - chests, chunks of liked guitars... We Have kept also specialty - huge rock with by names and call sign participants (writer UA4WGW). By the way under my items of information the museum is now broken down or large water or someone, almost anything no.

Raft  in
R9Z members
Position near Argut river

August 12-13. Again we become the radio amateurs, i.e. have organized station and send in a air. He has changed - circle of a mountain by a wall, Europe is absolutely not audible. The communications go short-range, except for east - i.e. along the river. Per the second day is committed a campaign on the river Argut up to a threshold of "Atlant": the beautiful nature, there are a lot of baccas, the truth hinders an incessant rain. On a rock in a threshold some plates - the memory about perished (with each year adds on one, two plates). And at rest us waited homemade sauna - in a campaign a limit dreams and indispensable measure. In the evening - again skeds with RA9YA, RA9YD, UW9YW, UA9ZAH.

August 14. All camp and again in a path since morning removed. UA4WAR sits on a catamaran with Leo RA3QI, and Michael RB5NG leaves on raft. On this segment of the river of composite interruptings no. There are arbors, small thresholds, funnel. Kilometers through 15 after largest on a route of a settlement Inya the river turns on west. Katun in this place broad, all directions, except for a north are open. We solve to divide parking. Near camp of meters on 70 above a level of the river the plateau - excellent place for radio station raises!


August 15-16. Both days - fine weather. In the morning Southern America is perfectly audible. Here differs Leo RA3QI, which one carries conducts set of QSO's - from the microphone will not tear off. He participates and DX-NET with Southern America. Night we work on 3,5 and 7 Mhz with Europe. The free operators, being tormented from fevers, are engaged in the business - who collects "mumie" ¸? in local mountains, who bathes and tans. I (UA4WGW) was engaged in research of a local fauna a lot of interesting the snake, infrequent kinds insect (# with one back foot) etc. Two days fly by is inconspicuous.

August 17. And again in a path. At the front composite thresholds - "Ilgumenskii" and "Shabash". Up to maiden of them on a card about 10 kms. Water quiet, the guys have relaxed, and the payment has not caused(urged) itself long to wait. In a foam hole in the middle rivers, left forward catamaran with Leo and Boris by the operator TV, was unexpectedly inverted. Having swum up, we have seen a following picture: Boris with veslo in an hand stands on a coast and smiles, resembling a famous sculpture. We ask, what's happened - speaks, that the catamaran was inverted, and Leo "has left" together with it. And behind turn the threshold "Ilgumenskii" howls, the second catamaran under a management UA4WAR with RA3PU have rushed on looking ups of Leo, raft too has come in a threshold without reconnaissance. At once behind a first stage we with raft have noted inverted catamaran of Leo. By a miracle were linked and Victor UW9YV was threw in abyss on the insurance to salvage property.
And Leo the catamaran of Sergey has puck up at the end of a threshold - main alive! A little have had a rest, have calculated losses: one boiler, ware, some rugs, chair, canopy, leg from desktop, and main cables and "hedgehog" from the antenna (squares on 10 and 15 meters). But you see something remained - means it is possible to work!!

Victor  UW9Yv

August 18. It is at the front "Shabash", most dangerous threshold on the river Katun. Is famous for the holes and arbors, altitude which one reaches three from superfluous meters. Not hurrying up the threshold consisting of two stages is browsed between which one is proposed to dock. Group of the germans with the guides - here. Together we organize the insurance. The threshold at first is driven rafts of both groups, then catamarans - all is clean! A threshold behind! Further on the river we go cheerfully, the crew raft was worked and now goes harmoniously. In the evening fine parking on the river Sumulta. Again there are a lot of baccas, funguses, but place for activity in a air improper. We know, that starts WAE contest, we know, that for us wait, but nothing can be made. Moreover ours was unwell Volodya UA9UBN/UA9K.

August 19. For day is prevailed against last 50 kms. A route. And end of travel. In the evening we have time to put the mast and antenna on 3,5 and 7 Mhz. The generator cheerfully rumbles, invoking to activity. We leave on the Air, the friends ask, why there were no some days? After the story about our adventures on a Air the message was delivered, that ostensibly all of us have drowned etc.

R9Z is finished !

August 20-21. Three-element "wave duct" has suffered at revolution of a catamaran, therefore Misha was carried with it of midday. But ours again stands, as in anything it did not happen. Transmit QSO's with Europe, morning again DX-NET with Southern America. On 21 MHz we work through INV. V on 40 m. Under evening on 15 meters there is a lot of JA, in the morning well "go" USA. So we spend 5000- QSO, and... We complete activity. Tomorrow early in morning the machine up to Barnaul (us will come have agreed to take Novosibirsk scientists). Farewell supper. The expedition R9Z is finished. The totals - 5000 QSO, ( from them 2666 - with U, R, 400 - with JA, 210 - with W, K, 1700 - with EU), 100 countries on DXCC.

Sergey Klyanchenko  UA9UGN (ex UA4WGW)

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