A Funny Story!

Arturo is my sister in law Laura's, TI5LCC, pet fighting cock. No Arturo doesn't fight professionally but he is very smart. Arturo not only keeps me up at night staring and cockle doodle dooing into the window while I am on the air but he wakes me up early in the morning. I think he likes CW!

Arturo's story is quite funny. Arturo appeared mysteriously one day in the backyard of the house in Alaujela. Apparently someone threw him over the wall or Arturo decided to make his new home at the house. No one knows for sure. Laura asked the neighbors if the rooster belonged to them but everyone said no. After a few days Laura decided to take Arturo to the farm in San Rafael de Guatuso. Surely Arturo would be happy with the other chickens and roosters around him. So he was set loose one day at the hen house to roam about his merry way. After a while, Laura decided to check on Arturo to see how he was making out with his new friends. Arturo was no where to be found! So she checked the neighbors hen house and there she found Arturo all beaten up and bloody. Apparently Arturo wanted to become king of the roost at all the hen houses in the neighborhood so went from hen house to hen house picking fights with all the roosters he could find. Arturo is a quite small compared to the farm rooters but that did not stop his spirit.

Laura decided that Arturo's future was not at the farm if he was to stay in one piece so she took him back to the house in the city where he now lives happly in the backyard with my sister in law Ana's Rockwhiler dog Misty. True Story!



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