Radio klub "Lipnica" E71ELD Lipnica
 "LIPNICA OPEN 2018" 17.06.2018
Competition: 17.06.2018   from 11.00
Band/Limit: 80-m-band / 140 min
Competitors: M14M21M40M50M70M19W35W19M60W14W16M16W21Com+Hlp

B A Č I N O V I Ć ,   H A R I S     TUZL

  no Place   with a run time of 82'27 min   and 1 foxes
in the M14 category

Route >0mSequenceS--B--F
Run times82+00 min
Run route>   m
min. distance>   m  (M14)
Time stamp
Founded before(-),
within(x), after(+)
transmit cycle
Sum run time
Start11:10:00   0'00
Beacon 12:32:16+1'16 82'16
Finish12:32:27 82'27

Fox-to-Fox run times in the M14 category

Fox >> FoxDistanceCom.(StNo) Min. RtAverage RtMax. RtHARIS, BAČINOVIĆ,
S >> B  m1(91)  82'16 82'16 82'16 82'16
B >> F  m5(34)    0'08   0'11   0'17   0'11

The results in the M14 category

PlNameClubCallTotal RtResidueFoxSequenceRun timesRoute
1.MUHAMED, OSMIĆ,KAME 105'10 4S-3-1-4-B-F25+12+44+24+00> m
2.AJDIN, ĆUROVAC,DRIN 73'07 2S-3-B-F42+31+00> m
3.MUHAMED, SPAHIĆ,TUZL 88'06 2S-3-B-F47+41+00> m
OVTAHMED, MEMIĆ,TUZL 144'01 3S-1-3-B-F30+21+92+00> m
- HARIS, BAČINOVIĆ,TUZL 82'27 1S-B-F82+00> m

Organizer: Radio klub "Zenica"   E71EZC