15/5/2015 - RPRnet now on 20m 14103.30 and 10147.30 USB DIAL

RPRnet is now QRV on 14103.30 apart from 10147.30 USB DIAL, with a couple of IGATES and DIGIS there 24/7. Good frequency for Longhaul and LONGPATH QSOS! For more info see: Robust Packet Network's WEBsite

9/2/2013 - ATHNET AMPRnet GATEWAY is QRV again

After a long downtime ATHNET's AMPRnet GATEWAY SV1UY-12, is now fully operational since they now support Dynamic as well as Static IP Gateways.
Thanks for bearing with us.

73 de Demetre SV1UY

24/2/2012 - ATHNET APRS IGATE is FULLY Active again

After a short downtime (a few days) ATHNET's ARPS IGATE SV1UY-5, is back UP and in FULLY working order again.
Thanks for bearing with us.

73 de Demetre SV1UY

30/1/2012 - SV1UY is the happy owner of a P4dragon

As of last week I am the happy owner of a P4dragon, the latest PACTOR MODEM from SCS.
I am now able to operate any mode from Pactor 1 to Pactor 4 and have already had many P4 QSOS including DIGITAL SSTV via Pactor 4 using Simple32Gold with Paul DJ0CU and OZ1PMX. Also many Pactor 4 MAIL UPLOADS/DOWNLOADS via WINLINK2000 BOXES around Europe using Airmail2000.
This is the best Pactor MODEM in the world, and Pactor 4 is the FASTEST and most ROBUST DIGITAL MODE that can be heard in the HF Amateur Radio bands. It has been a great experience for me so far!

73 de Demetre SV1UY

30/11/2012 - Latest DIGITAL SSTV Easypal release Ver:28/NOV/2012 by VK4AES is out.

The latest DIGITAL SSTV Easypal release Ver:28/JAN/2012 by Erik VK4AES is now available.
This is a release version with many enhancements, i.e. Memory Manager, Repeater, etc.
Installation with user rights. Read installer message when installing.

73 de Demetre SV1UY

source: Erik's WEBsite

2/9/2011 - PSKmail goes Android with AndPSKmail by VK2ETA.

PSKmail Radio e-mail System has been ported to the Android Operating system by John, VK2ETA.

I think this is great news for the portable HF operator since "AndPSKmail" can even run in a mobile phone or a small tablet PC that uses Android OS. When it is used with an FT-817, IC-703 or any small portable SSB HF radio, you have an extremely portable and lightweight Radio e-mail setup in your backpack.

If this setup is combined with a bluetooth/audio interface connected to the radio, it will be the ultimate lightweight, non power hungry Radio e-mail solution for the backpacker. The author has made tests by putting his mike/loudspeaker near his Android device without even using any sort of hardware cables.

"FANTASTIC" is all I can say (shout)!!!

More information and the first Alpha version, including the user manual on PDF, can be found here:

Congratulations to John VK2ETA!

P.S. Now that is some good news for the soundcard warriors! hi hi hi! Seriously though I think that the only reason for using such a soundcard mode is it's ability to work even with a mobile phone or a 7 inch tablet PC which are really light and not power hungry, even if PSKmail's maximum speed is 283 bps with compression) and under perfect and no QRM/QRN/QSB conditions which is really rare on HF. Well you get what you pay for!!!

Looking forward to trying it with my 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab! Who knows I might even get to like PSKmail!!!

73 de Demetre SV1UY

source: Pactor_Packet YahooGroup and European-Portable-Radio-Group YahooGroup

21/7/2011 - Pactor 5 on the design table!

I have designed the speedlevels 2-10 of Pactor 4, see (available in german only). It took three years of full-time work to develop the algorithms with MATLAB, to build a PC-based demonstrator for on-air tests, and to implement the algorithms on a quad-core DSP with a lot of heavily-optimized hand-crafted assembler code. No single person and no community can do this for free. It requires leading-edge expertise in many fields. Similar developments in the defense industry (for example, MIL-188-110 or STANAG 4539) cost millions of dollars.
The next generation (P5) will be even more complex.

Eberhard Gamm
[email protected]

source: KC4BQK's Blog

1/7/2011 - My live SSTV Receiver is back ONLINE!

Today I reinstalled my live SSTV Receiver which is left running most nights and during the daytime when I do not operate PACTOR or any other HF DIGITAL DATA MODE. If you would like to see the last picture my FT-1000MP has received (check the date/time under the top picture) along with the last 12 pictures that have been received, click here.

At the bottom of my live SSTV Receiver page, you will find a copy of the 1st transatlantic SSTV picture that was transmitted by the SSTV inventor from USA to the UK in 1959.

73 de Demetre SV1UY

21/5/2011 - PACTOR 4, a great new mode using a great new Pactor modem, P4dragon

P4dragon supporting PACTOR 4 is out. 10,500 bps on HF while being more robust than Pactor 3 at marginal links is just Fantastic! This modem is much better, especially more ROBUST even than military modems and modes such as STANAG etc, at a fraction of the cost of less inferior military equipment!. For more info check P4dragon (DR-7800)'s site and SCS's site

Hi everybody,

Today I got the June-edition of the German ham radio club magazine (cqDL) giving some informations abt the new products to be presented at the HAM RADIO 2011 in Friedrichshafen end of June.
One will be the P4dragon DR-7800. The new Pactor 4 HF Modem by SCS.
Technical details given in the article:
- 10 Speedlevels automatically adapting to the current propagation conditions in a 50dB range,
- bandwidth 2,4kHz, same as P3, but speed will be more than doubled,
- it has only 3 LEDs but now features a high resolution OLED display showing waterfall or spectral infos of the signal and status info too,
- need 3W only, so good for portabel or emergency comm.
That's all from this article. Up to now the homepage doesn't seem give any info abt this at all. But probably more will follow in the next few days.

73s, Andy, DF4WC

source: Pactor_Packet YahooGroup

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