I got my Amateur Radio license back in the 80's and given my call-sign



I am a member of the RAAG (Radio Amateur Association of Greece).

My Radio Shack consists of a Yaesu FT-847 HF/6m/V/U All-mode transceiver

for primary use over HF, 6m, VHF and UHF to a Cushcraft AP-8

vertical antenna for HF through an LGD AT-100pro Autotuner,

a Halo vertical antenna for the 6meter band and

an X-7000 tri-band vertical antenna for VHF and UHF use.

As a spare transceiver I use my Icom IC-725H for HF use, to a long-wire 35m

antenna through a GC-3000 automatic Antenna Tuner.

I forgot to mention the wonderful little piece of technology

created by Yaesu, the FT-817 all-band all- mode transceiver

used as my company through Fied-Days as well as every-day companion

whenever I travel away from shack.


For monitoring the Radio spectrum and listening to my favourite transmission

over the Shortwaves and FM broadcasts I use my Icom IC-8500 Receiver

using a long-wire antenna for HF and the Diamond DX discone antenna

for VHF and up...

And because the interest of a Ham Radio operator to the radio waves never ends,

I enjoy a lot listening to the Air-Traffic-Control of both

Civilian and Military communications, through my Uniden Bearcat

UBC785XLT scanner connected to a Diamond discone antenna.


All the above interconnected and controlled through my personal computer

via the wonderfull software Ham-Radio-Deluxe by HB9DRV Simon Brown.