2012 Virginia QSO Party

Updated: 29 April 2012


Paper log scoring party at Gordon, NQ4K, QTH.
From left to right:  Jim, KF4PQL, Don, K7CS, Red, N3TG, Gordon, NQ4K, Ray, KD4RSL, and Dick, W2YE.

26 April 12

Rich, WA4BU3, working on Beverage antenna.

Rich, WA4BUE, at the rig in Dinwiddle County.

26 Apr 12

During the Sunday afternoon lull on 40m SSB, N4NW - operating as N4A in the VA QSO Party is called by VK7ZE long path just as a short video was being recorded of the QSO Party. Amazing that not only does someone reply to the CQs but it is a VK, Sunday afternoon, and, via the LONG PATH!!  Check out the video on YouTube:


21 April 2012

Steve Greene, KS1G, did a presentation about his "Bicycle Mobile" operations at the April 21, 2012, LARG Monthly Meeting.  Some slides towards the end show his 2011 and 2012 Virginia QSO Party operation.

On, 4/11/2012 7:42 AM, GEORGE Walker emailed::

The Va QSO Party was a great event this year - very infectious. I did my
 best to put Mathews County on the map this year with 190 total contacts.
 All things considered, this could end up being my all time high score
 for all contests up to now and into the foreseeable future. I don't know
 if I'll have the energy to do this again. ...
 Thanks and 73,
 George, KC4FLB
From: "Doug Fleming"
Date: Apr 9, 2012 10:47:54 PM


Here is the submittal and log for the 2012 VA QSO Party.  I have also included some photos from the fun!

Member, K4EG – Alamance Amateur Radio Club

An unresolved noisy utility pole in the vicinity caused 9+20 noise level on all bands, all weekend. My ears are still ringing. But I enjoyed giving away some points and mults to anyone I could hear. :-)    
Iain     8P6UK , Bridgetown Barbados.   (Correspondence address: KI4HLV)
Thanks for your continuing support of the VA QSO party!
I had a patchwork of bands/modes/positions. Started out with the CW/SSB computers linked which caused the QSO numbers to jump, so went to stand alone on each position. Had one position set up for RTTY with it's own set of numbers. Towers and antennas of yester-year are all gone now. This is a wire antenna only effort.
There were some BIG numbers from some of the stations up North and congratulations to them for their efforts.
Thanks again
Take care
sorry I didn't have more time for it this year, always a good event.
Dave K3SI
Enjoyed the hunt...  had issues getting a signal into VA, but alway big fun.
Thanks and looking forward to next year!!
Tony, K4AMA
Great contest again this year all! Good practice for upcoming MIQP.
Brian N8TC
Wish I could have spent more time.  Thanks for the Qs!
mike / AA8IA
Please find attached my VA QSO Party 2012 log. I wish I had had more
time but enjoyed what I did have.
Thanks for all your efforts.
Dan WG4F
It was a wonderful weekend for camping and radio.
I had a great time.  Keep up the good work and I’ll see you on the air in 2013.
Duane Ettwein, KJ4YKG
Great qso party
Attached is the 2012 Virginia QSO Party submission log for the Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service (W4CAR) club.  Thank you for running an excellent QSO Party.
Duane Ettwein, KJ4YKG
Thanks for a great contest!
Paul AK4OH
Appreciate your efforts – great QSO Party!
Nice party but VA is a bit too close for 20M contacts.
Thanks to all,
Eldon - W1END
Located in rural Canada
Solar power.  Wood heat.
Mosley tribander @ 22m
2element delta-quad on 40m
Lots of space for dipoles,
bears and wolves......73
I am sorry to say that due to personal goings on, I was not able to submit my logs on time for the past couple of years, so I hope I am doping everything correctly.'
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding my logs.
Thank you for everything you do.
VY 73 de Joe KJ8O Troy MI
Date: Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 11:03 PM
Subject: Re: The Virginia QSO Party (K1RA as KW4VA /M)

Thanks for all the QSOs!

If you get a chance, please check out my VaQP web article, pictures and video here:


73 & enjoy!

andyz - K1RA and KW4VA /M VaQP 2012
21 Mar 12

SPARC, K4NVA Station

Dick, W2YE, writes:
Well, gang, we did well.  I went back a few years for comparison:
Year      Score       CW       Phone   Total QSOs
 2012     212,106     168        952       1120
2011     203,987     223        785       1008     
2010     193,110     225        728        953
2009     191,520     307        745       1052
A definite decrease in CW activity.

Operators were:  Don, K7CS; Gordon, NQ4K; Dick, W2YE; Jim, KF4PQL; Bill, KJ4VTH; Bill, WF1L; Ray, KD4RSL; John, KK4AHY; and Red, N3TG.  Visitors were Jerry, K4INT and Kevin, WB0POH.

Dick, W2YE, host for K4NVA club operation

Don, K7CS

Gordon, NQ4K


Mar 18, 2012 9:36:07 PM
Subject: N4A on YouTube


Here is Joe, N4JOW working the VA QSO Party

Tom Gregory, N4NW

Thanks for all the work you all do
…73 Larry  KC0M

I enjoyed the contest and appreciate the effort of all those
involved in running the Virginia QSO Party. It's the only
contest I participate in.
73 de Benjy, AC4XO

Dear SPARC OMs & (X)YLs:
I had another great time operating the QSO Party as a bicycle mobile station (even if Murphy struck twice with a flat tire each day!).  The radio gear worked great - I was able to activate ALX (Fort Ward), ARL (Banneker Park), FCX (Issac Crossman Park), LDN (Forest Glen ES) and FFX (Crestview ES).  Thanks to all the stations who worked me and for the compliments on my signal and bicycle mobile operation.
I've attached a few photos from the weekend.  Hope you enjoy them!
Steve Greene, KS1G/M (Bicycle)

Thanks for another great contest this year. I finally got to work the full weekend (minus a couple hours for the In-Laws visit for St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, Hi Hi !!!!!).
73, Rich W2SKI

Attached is the log file for my operation from Floyd County Va for the VA QSO Party.  I was using the QRP ARCI Club callsign of K6JSS.
I had 74 QRP contacts operating from 3027 Stonewall Road Pilot VA 24138.
-Scott N3SW-

Attached is the Cabrillo 3.0 file for my 2012 VA QSO Party Log. I did have to modify some of the files information as I used outdated software (2007 VA QSO Party Logger) to generate my file. I will be mailing my $1 donation along with a back-up paper log if necessary, as soon as my log is received virtually. I would like to thank the SPARC for hosting this event, I really did enjoy it!
John Herrick, KK4BSM

Enjoyed the QSO Party again this year. Did have some
conflicts which limited my operating time.
73, Stan - K4UK

I want to thank you all for another great year. You guys and gals are great!
Take care and God bless

Bad band condition and QRM from Russian contest.
I will participates next year also.
  JO7WXN also JF1RDC

Attached you should find the log for KJ4VOV.  As we did last year, AK4FB and I again worked mobile multiple operator, though we didn't work from as many counties this year as we did last year.  That was due to an illness in the family, and the need to stay close to home.  We'll do better next year!
One question though...  Why are mobile and expedition multiple ops limited to a single transmitter when multi-ops for fixed aren't?  This gives club stations a huge advantage over mobiles and expeditions!  If it's a question of safety I'd point out that passengers are quite capable of operating multiple rigs, even while in motion, and expeditions aren't going anywhere while transmitting.  Level the playing field please.  Allow multiple transmitters for all multi-op stations.
Bernie - KJ4VOV

Thanks very much for sponsoring the contest. I had fun.
73 - Kay N3KN

I enclosed cbr log for 2012 VQP. Very poor condx this year and also russian dxcontest at the same time/Sat-Sun 12-12 UTC. Anyway I made a few new Virginia counties so I am happy. Using only G5RV at 7 m above ground and FT847 ~ 80 WATTS. See u next year in better condx.
stan SP6JOE

I'm no serious contestor, but wanted to send in the stations I
contacted just to make sure they get credit for the QSOs. Thanks.

Great contest...
John Hillegass

Fun weekend! This is my personal best in the VA QSO Party I believe.
Did have a couple logging glitches - likely could have been operator error.
HF was dead most of Sunday but had a nice run late in the afternoon.
Rig IC-7000, barefoot with AH-4 autotuner. Antenna was a 65ft wire -
sorta vertical - intended as a cloud-burner.
 Dan Brown

Thank you SPARC for sponsoring this fine event
Gary AJ4GL

Had a great time!  The beautiful weather here was a stiff competition, including the "chores" the XYL required for me to work the contest on Sunday.
I did not get to operate last year, and missed it.  Splitting the operating time was a good feature.  N1MM is a good logger for this contest.
I haven't figured out how to put a check with the email, so it will have to come by mail.... :-)
73 and thx.
Bevin Alexander

Hello -
Here's (what I hope is) my log. Hope it goes OK.
All of the activity was on Saturday. Sunday morning the bands were dead, except for
"long" skip on 40m., from Charlottesville to New England.
Was attending a concert my wife performed in Sunday afternoon, followed by dinner out.
If something doesn't look right, perhaps I need more instruction as to what to do!!
Looking forward to another year.
Stan Hazen
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