Seattle Repeater Group

Operating Procedures

Seattle Repeater Group (SRG)'s highly computerized repeater is located "High atop Green Mountain" eight miles west of Bremerton, Washington on the Kitsap Penninsula. It is allocated the frequency pair 146.28/146.88. It does have a few operating characteristics that should be considered in its use. The repeater requires a quarter second of silence at the beginning of each transmission, no sub-audible tones, and no "Kerchunking".

Start up Silence

A minimum of one-quarter second of audio silence is necessary to start the repeater. If the repeater detects any audio within that time period, it will say "Key Mike, then talk" when the transmission has ended. If you hear that message, nothing that you said was repeated.

Many users of this repeater have trained themselves to leave the microphone in their laps when not talking. Then they will key the microphone as they pick it up, raise it to their mouths, and then begin to speak. The time it takes to bring the microphone from the lap to the mouth is sufficient to provide the silence that the rpeater requires.

The reason for the required silence is that the repeater is taking a "FingerPrint" of the radio transmitter during the first 205 milliseconds of the transmission and needs audio silence to avoid corrupting the measurements.

sub-audible tone

If the repeater detects a sub-audible tone (including alternator whine), it will totally prevent startup. After the microphone has been unkeyed, the repeater will say "Turn sub-audible off" [38K WAV file].


"Kerchunking" (keying up and immediately releasing the microphone button) the repeater momentarily may result in a CW "?" or a "Please Identify" voice message. Nothing will have been repeated.

The repeater is immediately put into AUTOVOX mode and remains there until the next even minute (every two minutes.) Further Kerchunks have no effect.

One must exceed the 2 KHz LOW DEVIATION threshold to start the repeater while it is in AUTOVOX mode. Successful starting cancels the AUTOVOX (until the next Kerchunk, of course.)

Frequency Check

The repeater will measure the carrier frequency and if it is too far off the accepted 146.2800 MHz, the repeater will provide a voice description of the value. An example [75 KB WAV]

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