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Seattle Repeater Group (SRG)'s highly computerized repeater is located "High atop Green Mountain" eight miles west of Bremerton, Washington on the Kitsap Penninsula. This repeater is owned by the Seattle Repeater Group and administered by Phil, K7PF. It is allocated the frequency pair 146.28/146.88.

Control Operators are: W7LD, K7LZJ, K7PF, K7RNZ, and N7SNI.

The SRG repeater has several unique operating characteristics of which a user must be aware. A half second of audio silence is necessary to start the repeater. A weak signal may not start it, but can answer once the system is up. Any sub-audible tone will totally prevent startup. The repeater possesses a defense against Kerchunking.

The "courtesy" beep (at the end of each transmission") tells users that the repeater is available for use, and that all timers have been reset. It is actually not a tone but a direct FM data burst at 9600 bits per second which sounds like a tone, sometimes. If you have an IBM PC (or clone), with EGA or higher graphics, you, too, can read this data burst, identify users, and tell about the characteristics of each transmission.

The repeater has several test functions for DTMF (Touchtone ®) equipped transceivers. All test functions are available to all users.

The 88 Repeater hosts the Boaters' Net at 8 a.m. daily and is used as backup by the Kitsap and Jefferson County Search and Rescue Teams.

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