Seattle Repeater Group


Seattle Repeater Group (SRG)'s highly computerized repeater is located "High atop Green Mountain" eight miles west of Bremerton, Washington on the Kitsap Penninsula. It is allocated the frequency pair 146.28/146.88. It does have a few operating characteristics that should be considered in its use. The Repeater captures a FingerPrint of each transmission. This FingerPrint is a unique description of the turn-on characteristics of the transmitter that is being used and serves to identify transmitters. This technique is patented (U.S. Patent 5,005,210) and led to the recognition by the 1995 Dayton Hamvention of Phil, K7PF, for its Technical Achievement award.

In addition to its use on this repeater, FingerPrinting of radio transmitters is commercially available through MoTron Electronics of Eugene, OR and is also used in the Cellular Phone industry to prevent Cell Phone fraud.

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