Seattle Repeater Group Data Burst Decoding

Seattle Repeater Group (SRG)'s highly computerized repeater is located "High atop Green Mountain" eight miles west of Bremerton, Washington on the Kitsap Penninsula. It is allocated the frequency pair 146.28/146.88. The 88 Repeater provides (instead of a "Courtesy Tone"), a short burst of 9600 Baud FM data at the end of each transmission. These data can be decoded and displayed on a IBM Personal Computer (or clone.) The data include a FingerPrint of the transmitter, the date, time and signal characteristics of the transmission, and current repeater status

The interface from your receiver discriminator circuit to the PC Serial Port takes one chip and costs less than $10 to build. (Note: you probably have to modify your radio to access the discriminator signal.) The software is free.

After the hardware has been constructed and tested and the software has been downloaded and installed onto your computer, TBD

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