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7 Oct 2007

Simple NCDXF/IARU beacon tool.

To get a quick update of the current shortwave conditions i often listen to the NCDXF/IARU beacon network.
It's not always possible to hear the callsign of the beacon, so I've created a simple "tool" to identify the transmissions anyway.
(Without the need for a running computer!!!)

NCDXF/IARU Beacon Schedule
(Right-click on the link above and select "Save target as..." to download file.)

I've updated the document so that all information is now contained in one page only.
Because the stations transmit in predetermined timeslots I just note the exact time and then look that time up in the table.
The table shows the shedule for one hour.
Beacause the network is carefully planned the schedule repeats every hour, and the list will be useful any hour of the day.
Note minute and second of the hour and look that up in the table according to frequency.
Print this page and you'll be able to id all NCDXF/IARU beacon transmissions at all times.

Download Excel-viewer