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The SFARES website is currently under revision. Please click on "Test Site" on the menu bar on the left side of this page to go to the revised site.
The "References" section (menu bar on left) is the "old" section but now indicates which parts have been reviewed, updated, and moved to the test site. Several parts still need revision.
Please contact Evelyn Ward (KE5GLR), email: [email protected], phone: 505-660-2454 to assist and to coordinate updates with other members. Please make suggestions and recommendations for the new site to Evelyn and to Lyn Gould (N1LYN).

We want the website to be the most useful and efficient place to go for news and activities, training, and reference materials. Let Lyn know about upcoming events for the calendar and the News/Events page and find this information by clicking on the Test Site.
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