Russian amateur radio emergency service 

1999. Mission to Rwanda

           Perhaps from 15th September 1999, special field club station which is belong to Russian Amateur Radio Emergency Service RARES will be active again from Rwanda (Africa) for several month. This station has been active in 1997-1998 by 9X0A (RW3AH Andy). Operator of 9X/RE3A is well known in Russia rescuer (life guard) from Ministry of Emergency situations and civil defense EMERCOM -  Vladimir Legoshin, who operated in 1996 as 5H/R3ARES from Tanzania during UNHCR and EMERCOM humanitarian action for Rwandies refugees in Tanzanian camps. Now Vladimir's mission to Africa is  for creation school for local rescuers (Life guard school ) supporting by UNDP-EMERCOM joint project. Vladimir is leader of Russian team who will stay there for several month. The school location is near Nyanza village, central of Rwanda. Same QTH as 9X0A. All HF equipment was granted by RW3AH Andy and has installed there. Antenna is TH3mk4 from "HyGain". PA is Henry Radio for 14-21-28 Mhz operation. 7 and 3.5 MHz not works yet. This PA need some repair after hard 9X0A activity during 1997-98. For information, In the LOG of 9X0A (9X/RW3AH) is about 46000 QSO. Transceiver is YAESU "FT-900". 
To all radio amateurs! Please DO NOT call Vladimir during his operation on the daily RARES Net. Thanks in advance and 73'


Since September 15th.1999 9X/RE3A will be active daily on RARES HF NET-14347 Khz, USB, at 07:00 GMT.

The QSL route for 9X/RE3A is:  Andy Fyodoroff, P.O.Box -899,  MOSCOW zip-127018 RUSSIAN FEDERATION.

E-mail: [email protected] 

73's and SEE YOU ON THE AIR!

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